Anupama 26th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 26th April 2023, Written Update on

As Anupama signs documents and leaves the office, Barkha smiles. Mujhe Behne De Pani Ki Tarah.. song plays in the background. As she plays badminton, she recalls all the recent events she has experienced and vents out her frustration until the shuttlecock breaks.

Pakhi tries to contact Adhik. Vanraj asks if anyone knows what happened when Anupama visited the office and if she met Anuj there. Pakhi says she is trying to contact Adhik, but he will not answer her call. Dimpy and Samar walk in and say Anupama did not meet Anuj. Asked if Barkha told this, Dimpy confirmed. Pakhi said it must be Barkha’s conspiracy otherwise Anuj and Anupama would have met, Barkha did something.

Dimpy reminds her not to blame Barkha since she said what she saw. Pakhi warns her not to act as Barkha’s dear one, she will never know when Barkha will flip. Samar tells her not to begin now. Vanraj thinks it is good that they did not meet, but Anupama would have been hurt. Anuj asks why they are so bothered when Anuj doesn’t want to meet Anupama, what is Barkha’s mistake? Pakhi warns her to stop supporting Barkha and victimizing Anupama.

Samar asks Pakhi to stop. Leela says Dimpy is troublesome. Samar asks her to stop. Kinjal asks everyone to stop fighting. Dimpy and Pakhi argue, and Samar supports Dimpy. As Kinjal becomes irritated, she asks Dimpy and Samar to take water and leave, Pakhi to learn to respect elders, and she will not tolerate anyone misbehaving in front of Hasmukh and Leela. Samar and Dimpy leave.

Kinjal apologizes to Hasmukh for raising her voice in front of him. Hasmukh says it was necessary. Kinjal asks why Anuj’s love for Anupama vanished. Hasmukh says it is a situation and not love. Kanta asks Anupama if Anuj met her. Anupama nods yes. Bhavesh says he was fearful of this situation. Anupama tells Kanta that she will start preparing dinner. Barkha informs Maaya that Anuj hadn’t yet met Anupama.

She feels happy hearing that. Barkha says she brainwashed Anuj and made him feel so guilty that he ran away. Anuj will now return to Maaya and Little Anu. Maaya says now Anuj will have to be hers. She is tensed as she sees Ankush and Adhik standing behind her. Ankush says he thought she was greedy for money and power, but hadn’t suspected she would stoop so low as to break into her Brother In Law’s house.

Barkha says it’s not her fault that Anuj left without meeting Anupama. Ankush claims she made Anuj feel guilty. Barkha asks why Anuj didn’t listen to his love for Anupama and ran away. When Anuj and Anupama were separated, he tried to unite them and took Anupama to Anuj’s cabin. She maintains her position, stating that Anuj and Anupama will not return.

Ankush gets angry and shouts, but Pakhi warns him not to shout. She says Karan and Arjun may not return, but Anuj and Anupama definitely will return. She will make sure nothing changes here while they are away, and when they return, she will throw Barkha’s bags out.

As Hasmukh tells Leela, distance and delay weaken relationships; once a person gets habituated to staying alone, he wants to keep staying alone. Vanraj feels happy that Anuj and Anupama did not meet and thinks his fate wants him to reunite with Anupama.

She says Maaya is with Anuj, and after Anupama didn’t forgive Vanraj, she shouldn’t forgive Anuj either. Hasmukh says Anupama needs to forgive Leela always and prays that his daughters won’t break up again. Kinjal says she feels Anuj feels guilty and doesn’t want to see Anupama.

Hasmukh asks who is he to decide all this. Vanraj says he didn’t say that, he just said that it would be better if Anuj and Anupama separated. Anuj and Anupama are incomplete without each other; even though they did not meet today, their love is so powerful that they will meet soon for sure, Kinjal says. Vanraj and Leela feel jealous.

After hearing the doorbell, Maaya enthusiastically opens the door and asks Anuj to give him his bag. Anuj asks where Little Anu is. Maaya says it’s good he didn’t meet Anupama. She offers him water thinking she will get him no matter what.

As Leela knows Anupama is hurt when Anuj left without meeting her, she asks Anupama if she won’t tell anything to her. Anupama is deeply hurt; she wanted to meet Anuj and thought he would clear their differences with her, but he never met with her.

Kanta asks if Anuj moved on from this relationship. Their love is not a boundary, but a sky which accompanies them wherever they go; she knows her Anuj, but he doesn’t have the courage to face her, but one day he will surely. Upon approaching Little Anu, Anuj kisses her forehead.


Pakhi says she is in Mumbai at Anuj’s place, and he is in front of her, and the phone’s speaker is on, so Anupama calls to ask her to get some documents from Kapadia house.

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