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Anupama 24th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

When Anupama is walking along the street, she looks at the thirsty water bottles in the shop and the lady who left the water bottle on the public chair. She says no book can teach the importance of water, but thirst makes one understand it. Thanking Kanha ji, she says that the woman left the water bottle here, thank you… While about to take it, a ball hits the bottle, causing it to fall, releasing the water.

Anupama throws the ball in the dustbin before Kavya updates Vanraj on a call she received from Mahi’s boarding school. Understanding that their daughter is unwell, she decides to take a trip to Ooty to visit her. Vanraj assures her that if Mahi’s condition worsens, she can stay at any hotel without worrying about finances. However, Kavya expresses her daughter’s longing for her father’s love and how she constantly questions why he isn’t present in her life. She mentions taking Mahi out during holidays but not bringing her home and admits feeling burdened by continually avoiding these difficult conversations. Kavya concludes by stating that their daughter wants to meet her Papa.

Her father needs to know about it, Vanraj says. He says don’t cry as if I am torturing you. He says you came here for your reasons, and I have kept that condition. You can stay here, but not your daughter and I will pay for her expenses. He says I am your daughter’s guardian and not her father, so don’t force relations on me. He says my parents and Ansh are vital to me, but no one else is. Kavya says Mahi, I am sorry.

Anupama finds her slipper broken. After taking the ribbon from the showpiece, she ties the slipper. She recalls Devika’s words about seeing the police and believes she has no passport. The police officer lady asks Anupama to show her ID. Anupama says she was robbed last night and all her belongings were stolen. The Police officer lady asks Anupama to go with her to the police station. Suddenly, she realizes it was her imagination and the Police officer moving from the other side.

Dimpy invites Ansh to sleep in her room, but he insists on sleeping with Moti Baa. Recalling that Ansh sleeps with Moti Baa daily, Dimpy suggests he sleep in her room for a change. Ansh says that Dimpy doesn’t love him and criticizes her for not fulfilling his wishes, while others like Moti Baa do. Dimpy feels sad and alone as she looks at Samar’s picture. She wonders why Ansh cannot be more like Samar and expresses her loneliness, questioning the purpose of living when her son does not want her. As she ponders this, she receives a call from Tapish.

Kavya approaches and urges her to answer the call, emphasizing the importance of interpreting fate’s message. Dimpy inquires if she has finished packing and requests to speak with Mahi. Kavya questions why she is avoiding Titu’s call, to which Dimpy responds by explaining her desire not to upset their father. Kavya reminds her that Vanraj does not honestly care for her; his main concern is Ansh. She expresses gratitude for having such a supportive friend and advises Dimpy against blaming destiny if she chooses not to answer the call. Anupama sighed with relief, grateful for avoiding a potentially tricky situation, as she asked for divine guidance. Her attention then turns to a group of guys singing and dancing, with people dropping money into a hat.

A sweater is lying on the floor, and Anupama folds her hands, thinking how he used to do the same when he was out of money. When the art is good, the world is a stage. She starts dancing. People clap for her and give her money. She picks up the money and says I never thought I would earn this way…. She says she must live again, but the good thing is that she has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

She comes to the dancers and the singers, offers them money from her share, and tells them they have inspired her to dance. The dancer says you are simply stunning and asks if the dancer is from India. She says yes and goes on praising India. The guy says incredible India. Anupama says yes and thanks. Anuj was right, she said that the art will never get out of our hands. She thanks Kapadia ji for the opportunity.


She drinks water in a restaurant when she tells the guy that her bag was stolen just before she left. The guy asks why she came to beg here. Anupama replies that she did not come to beg but to work. He gives her the mop and asks her to clean the floor, wash dishes, and do other chores. Anupama takes the mop.

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