Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 27th March 2024 Written Update: Hemraj Surprises Everyone

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

“Upon reaching them, Hemraj inquires why everyone is strangely quiet. Chanchal explains that they were all eager to perform the Arthi together and were taken aback upon seeing Hemraj. Hemraj then asks about the tension in the air. Naren reveals that he has decided to have the wedding within a month, causing everyone to worry about making preparations. However, Hemraj reassures them that he will take care of everything. Suddenly, Ronaq makes a noise, making Hemraj suspicious. He turns around and questions the cause of the disturbance. Virel gently taps his son, who has started to hiccup. This relieves Chanchal.”

Manri inquires about Mitesh’s current position and tasks him with retrieving the box. Nandini questions the necessity of inspecting the jewelry at such a late hour. As they all communicate through gestures, Manri declares their collective involvement. Ishwar entrusts Manri with the key, and she turns to ask if Mitesh is still present. He explained that he wanted to bid Mehul farewell before his departure. Manri heads inside, stating that she will retrieve the box herself. This leaves Mitesh wondering how things will unfold now. Mehul suggests they handle it since he is going. Nandini asks for an explanation as to why Ishwar handed over the keys, to which he responds by encouraging her to see who requested them. This causes Nandini to feel anxious.

At night, Naren surprises his mother with a hug from behind and shares that he is overjoyed but unable to put it into words. He wonders where his father is, to which Chanchal responds that he shouldn’t know about Ronaq as she will care for everything. As Hemraj emerges and questions their intentions, Naren embraces him, and Hemraj says that Naren must be thrilled today. He then suggests sitting on the couch, but Naren declines, aware that the children inherit after their parents according to tradition.

As Manri presents the box she couldn’t open, Ishwar is prompted to try it himself. However, when he asks how he will be successful if she is not, she reminds him that the key from the wardrobe is needed. Ishwar then explains that he only possesses this key and suggests that Mitesh should retrieve the box before leaving. Manri reveals that Mitesh has yet to return with the box, prompting Nandini to inquire about what else transpired. Ishwar mentions that Naren had sent books for her, which she took into her room. Avoiding eye contact with Manri’s probing questions, Ishwar silently enters the room without disclosing any further information.

Hemraj inquires about Naren’s introduction to Nandini, to which Naren recounts how they met in Upleta. He shares that when he demanded dowry, Nandini stood up against him and convinced Visakha’s father to let her marry the one she loves. Chanchal adds that even though Naren also left, Nandini displayed maturity. Hemraj praises Nandini for embracing tradition despite being from a newer generation. In response, Naren clarifies that while she does follow some traditions, she only adheres to those relevant and highlights how she won over the hearts of those at the wedding. He also mentions her strong stance against dowry. Chanchal then informs them that she will return after massaging Baa.

Naren bids farewell to his father, who stands up in the room. Hemraj contemplates Nandini’s potential defiance of tradition, but in the Ratansi family, only one person has the authority- Hemraj himself. Manri bursts into the room, angrily questioning why he remains silent about what Naren’s father said. She can’t sleep because of it and wants to know why he won’t reveal the truth. Ishwar mentions dowry as the reason behind his silence. This shocks Manri, as she believes he is against it and even hears that he has made society swear against it.

Ishwar assures Manri that their words will change with time. Manri expresses disbelief since she thought Ishwar had fixed the relationship so it would not change. Acknowledging that they have a lovely family, Ishwar promises not to tell Nandini about the situation. Curious, Manri asks how much the other party demanded. Ishwar reveals that they asked for twenty-five tola and questioned how they would arrange it. Trying to calm her down, Manri reassures that nothing wrong will happen and retrieves the box from the safe. Upon opening it, she is shocked to see that all the jewelry is missing and demands an explanation from Ishwar when everyone wakes up in the house. Overwhelmed with emotion, Manri calls out for Nandini and Mitesh, who both come out to see what is happening. Seeing her distress, Nandini realizes something must be amiss.

According to Manri, the thief cleaned them out, and she wonders why everyone is so composed. She turns to Ishwar for an explanation. Nandini then steps in to clarify that she knows about her uncle’s financial struggles and how she had to sell the family’s jewelry to save their farm from being auctioned off. This revelation leaves Manri in disbelief, and she breaks down in tears while Nandini consoles her with a tight hug.

Manri says she has been an outsider in her home for the past twenty-six years. Despite being married and a mother figure, she cannot seem to gain the trust of those around her. When she questions if she cannot communicate, Nandini assures her this is not the case. Mitesh chimes in, stating that Nandini has always been like a mother to them, and her words hold truth, reaffirming what Nandini has taught him since childhood.

Mitesh reveals they were too scared to tell her the truth, causing Manri to laugh. However, her laughter becomes a slap as she explains that if he had left them, the blame would have fallen on her for not raising them well. Mitesh assures her he didn’t go and praises her for taking good care of him. Suddenly noticing Nandini, Manri repeatedly slaps her before showering them with love. She confesses to selling their family’s jewelry to save their farm.


In twenty-five days, Ishwar wonders how they will do it. Hemraj says that there won’t be a good time in the next 24 hours. Nandini wonders how her uncle will arrange the money when he no longer has the jewellery.

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