Barsatein 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhana Shocked as Reyansh Meets with an Accident!


Barsatein 15th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jai arriving to pick up Aradhana. Bhakti presents them with gifts and reminds Aradhana to take care of them. Meanwhile, Reyansh tries to reach Aradhana, but she ignores his calls. He is reminded of their past and, in a fit of anger, breaks a glass and injures his hand. Upon seeing this, Aradhana is taken aback and sheds tears as Reyansh smiles slyly. She then departs with Jai, while Reyansh believes she will eventually return to him. Desperate to make contact, he repeatedly calls her until she finally answers, only for her to firmly reject him and end the call before hiding her phone away in the cupboard.

Reyansh is calling me to talk to you. Varun says you must be extremely busy. Aradhana breaks his phone and says sorry, I’ll get you a new one. He says fine, everyone is waiting. She thinks I’ll come. The servant gets Aradhana a phone. Reyansh says meet me once. Aradhana gives it away. The guests also give Aradhana their phones. Aradhana asks what Reyansh is doing…

After retrieving her phone, she called Reyansh, who offered her a compliment. She accuses him of putting on a show and threatens to avoid him during the first ritual after their marriage. He insists on meeting with her, well aware of his stubbornness. Despite his knowledge, she informs him that she will attend the Mu dikhai ceremony. Nita then suggests beginning the ritual, prompting a lady to commend Aradhana’s elegance. Nita suggests getting her a gift before proceeding with the ceremony, leading to laughter among the ladies. Aradhana suspects Reyansh is purposely causing trouble. As the Mu dikhai ceremony takes place, Reyansh watches with a smile.

Varun says you make her wear the ring. Reyansh starts driving towards the truck. Jai makes Aradhana wear the ring. Reyansh says he will show Aradhana his dead face. They hear about the accident.

Seeing Reyansh hurt, Aradhana drops the ring and the phone. She faints in Jai’s arms. Jai asks Varun to get water. The truck driver says he came in front of my truck to die. Aradhana wakes up. Jai asks if she is okay. Aradhana checks her phone.

She rushes to Reyansh’s side, where he has been transported to the hospital. The attending man solemnly informs them that it’s too late and Reyansh has passed away. Turning to Nita, Jai requests her to handle the guests while he takes care of some urgent matters. Nita reminds him to inform his wife about the situation before making any hasty decisions, as they must maintain their reputation. Jai agrees but explains that he must first take his wife to the doctor. He then asks Varun for assistance managing the guests, which Varun readily accepts.

Meanwhile, Jai and Aradhana reach the accident scene and inquire about Reyansh’s condition. Unfortunately, they are told that he was taken to the hospital but is unlikely to survive. Overcome with emotion, Aradhana breaks down in tears. The man inquires if Reyansh is her husband, to which Varun interrupts and informs them that their guests are leaving. Fed up with everything else, Nita coldly calls Bhakti and demands an update on how things went at the Mu dikhai rasam, giving her a stern lecture.

The man says Aradhana left the house. Bhakti asks what. He says I called you, and your number was last dialed. Aradhana says he isn’t dead. She runs to the hospital. Nita tells him Jai loves her greatly, she has all the power, Jai has already tolerated a lot, Reyansh kidnapped Jai and shot him. Aradhana knows her duty, and maybe she has some work to do. Jai and Aradhana inquired about Reyansh. The man says he took him, and he is dead upon arrival.

As Aradhana cries, Nita says we are mad because Aradhana is sensible and how can we question her, she is receiving many calls, you know who is calling her. Bhakti says she was wrong not to leave her. Nita argues. Jai and Aradhana go to the morgue. Nita argues. The inspector asks Aradhana to verify the body. She says it can’t be Reyansh. He asks her to check. She says no, I won’t see him, and he can’t be Reyansh. It’s the procedure, and you have to see it.

They get shocked seeing Reyansh. Aradhana cries and recalls their moments. She shouts no. She moves him. Intehaa…plays… Jai cries.


A doctor tells Aradhana that she won’t be able to get over her ex anytime soon. Jai takes her to the doctor. Aradhana sees the doctor. The doctor says he’s afraid you won’t be free from your ex anytime soon.

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