Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Bold Decision Shocks Everyone!

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Tara’s arrival and a dance performance. She surprises everyone and is happy at the news of Kunal and Vandana Mimi’s marriage. Tara reassures them that she has prayed for their union and believes they will always be a part of her life. Pammi dismisses her claims, but Tara stands by her words. Vandana interrupts to speak privately with Tara. The two hug emotionally, and Tara thanks Vandana for agreeing to marry her father and becoming her mother figure. This prompts Vandana to look over at her family, causing Vijay to become angry. He questions Vandana about the situation as Tara bids farewell, affectionately calling Vandana ‘mumma’ before leaving. Vijay demands an explanation from Vandana.

Vandana says I have decided to marry Kunal. Vedika asks why Kunal didn’t tell us, Pammi says get quiet, Kuldeep hates Vandana. If Kunal and Vandana are ready, what are we to stop them? We are happy with this decision. Kuldeep will be angry if I’m unhappy, Pammi says. Kunal says fine, I had to go for some work. I’m marrying Vandana. Vedika smiles. She says that you can’t marry Vandana.

Pammi warns against being stubborn and reminds Kunal that Vandana is not a suitable match, unlike Sonia. Kunal expresses that he didn’t make a sudden decision and had thought it through, adding that they only got married for Tara’s sake. Guneet intervenes, asking Pammi to drop the subject. Concerned, Pammi asks about Kuldeep. Remembering what Kuldeep had said, Kunal assures her that he will handle the situation and talk to him about their decision to marry Vandana instead of Sonia. Pammi insists that Kunal not tell Kuldeep until he returns, as it might lead him to disagree with their decision. She reprimands Kunal for his actions.

Vedika reassures Kunal that she is on his side. Shortly after, Pammi arrives at Vandana’s house and scolds her. However, Guneet intervenes and escorts Pammi away. He then apologizes for the commotion. Vijay points out that the family has shown animosity towards Vandana, making it difficult for her to marry into their family. Despite this, she pleads for them to listen to her. Anagha bluntly tells Vandana that Kunal will never love her. Hemant reveals that Kunal wants Vandana to be his daughter’s nanny. Before anyone can say anything else, Vandana interrupts and insists on speaking with her father alone. Mrunal accuses Vandana of always trying to win over their father, even though she had previously married Vaibhav against their wishes. In doing so, she gives Vaibhav and Mrunal a reason for divorce.

According to Vandana, you cleverly used Tara to manipulate Kunal. She also requests for silence as she needs to speak with their father. Meanwhile, Pammi tries to contact Kuldeep, but Vedika intervenes and disagrees. Vedika pleads for Pammi not to involve their father and let Kunal handle the situation. After Vedika leaves, Pammi stands firm on her decision. Despite Vandana admitting that she agreed to marry Kunal under pressure because of her attachment to Tara, Vijay refuses to accept the marriage and urges her to reconsider her decision and reject Kunal’s offer.

She says I don’t want to become a wife, I can’t love anyone, I want to be Tara’s mother. He says to do it if you’re sure about it, but remember that if you marry Kunal, you’ll have to cut off your ties with me. Vandana cries as he pushes her away. He says you must break ties with this family forever.


Pammi gives Vandana money and tells her to leave Kunal’s wife. Vaibhav comes up and scolds Vandana. Vandana pulls Vaibhav’s hand and pushes him.

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