Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana’s Secret and Kunal’s Support

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vandana expressing her gratitude, and Kunal responds with a joke. But Vandana insists that she is serious and that Kunal is genuinely wonderful. Kunal playfully suggests that they keep this as their little secret and tells her to sleep, teasing her about snoring. They both smile before Vandana mentions a beautiful secret she wants to reveal the next day. She bids him good night as he leaves. The next morning, Anagha confronts Atya for keeping money hidden from them. Hemant questions why she had no sympathy for them while staying with them for no charge. They scold Atya, causing her to burst into tears. Hemant doesn’t believe her tears and demands to know where she got the money. Just then, Vijay enters, looking angry.

It’s good that Mrunal’s tension has passed. I must arrange Shivam’s London trip and tell Kunal about my feelings. Kunal comes to talk. She gets scared and holds him. He says you’re lost. She says you’re in you. He says to get the smoothie. He goes. She thinks about asking him out. Vijay scolds him.

Hemant suggests shouting for her, while Vijay stubbornly refuses to ask. According to Hemant, no one will question her actions, but Anagha disagrees. Atya reveals that she recently sold her ancestral home in the village. Concerned, Vijay questions why she would do this since the household’s historical significance. Atya explains that the money from the sale will help send their son Shivam to London to fulfill his aspirations. However, Vijay disapproves of her decision. Then, Hemant and Anagha put on a sugary facade and praised Atya’s actions, thanking her before leaving. Surprised by their sudden change in behavior, Vijay remarks on how they have “changed their colors.” Still, Atya defends herself by saying she did it for Shivam’s benefit.

As Pammi speaks, she praises Bobby. She asks the marriage broker to find him a nice woman. Bobby looks on. He says he won’t marry anybody. She asks if you will say no to her. Kunal likes the smoothie. Vandana smiles. She gets angry. He says it’s about my life: I love you, I respect you, I don’t want to marry, and I want to focus on my work. He goes. She says if you are free from work, then I wanted… I need to talk… I will send you the address. He says okay, I’ll come.

Tara teases Vandana and says you love Papa? I heard you and Papa are going on a date. Vandana says there is no need to tell anyone. Tara leaves. Vandana says I love Papa.


Kunal and Vandana dance. Tum kya mile…plays… Bobby marries Mrunal and gets her home. Vandana scolds Bobby. Kunal says what about my trust in you?

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