Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas Faces Harsh Realities

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The team listens to Manas and Ashna’s conversation through Manas’ phone. Mauli asks Manoj for a gift. She says she wants respect for herself in Manas’s heart. She wants Manas to stand on his own feet and become self-sufficient. He agrees with Mauli and has also wanted it for years. Mauli asks him to let Manas realize his responsibilities. He becomes happy and asks Mauli what she wants him to do.

Manas heads to the cashier’s desk to pay for Ashna’s diamond necklace, only to discover that his card is blocked and his account is empty. Shocked, he reaches out to the bank for answers and learns that his father is responsible. Enraged, Manas confronts his father as they both stage a fake call, pretending that all of Manas’ assets have been seized due to outstanding debt. Mauli points out Manas’ lack of responsibility and reveals that he hadn’t even told their mother about the situation because of shame. Overwhelmed and anxious, Manas wonders what steps to take next while breaking a sweat.

Mauli advises Manas not to panic in the current situation and reminds him of their responsibilities. She plans to start working at the hospital and suggests he also find a job. Since he’s unsure about finding one, Mauli suggests asking Akshay for a job at their saree shop. Meanwhile, Aashna tries to call Manas but he ends the call. In response, she goes to his house, where Manas becomes anxious upon seeing her. He hurriedly asks her to leave with him before anyone sees them. Aashna persists and demands payment, to which Manas explains they are currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Manas conceals Aashna under the bedding. He instructs Manas to go to the bank urgently and submit the necessary documents. Janki’s daughter-in-law approaches the bedding and unintentionally hits Aashna while working. Mauli gets Janki and requests her to inspect the bedding, but they do not find Aashna there, leaving them wondering where she could be and if someone assisted her. Manas’s mother had already seen Aashna and aided her. She gives Manas a stern slap and demands an explanation for his deceitful behavior. He apologizes to his mother, who expresses her disappointment in him.

As Manas says, Mauli replaced him, and now Manoj trusts her more than he trusts her. He says he loves Aashna and blackmails his mother to let them leave Ujjain immediately.

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