Mehndi Wala Ghar 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas’ Mistake and Mauli’s Decision

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Vijay scolds Manoj about Manas in the episode. He praises his son Rahul. Ajanta defends her son. Tanvi disputes with her. Ajanta says I want to see what Rahul does when he falls in love. Tanvi says I guarantee he won’t hurt his parents’ hearts. We should congratulate Mauli for getting rid of Dr. Khurana and Manas and not debate, he says.

Mauli says you have already done much for me, so let me fight alone. Akshay asks Mauli to leave. Mauli lights the diya today. Janki stops her and says everyone has given their opinion, Mauli is the house’s bahu, marriage is not a joke, and relations will remain the same. She lights the diya, and Janki asks her about the mangalsutra. Mauli says it broke. Janki asks Manoj to make another mangalsutra for Mauli.

When Manas calls, Manoj answers. The inspector says your son is injured at the police station. Manoj cries. Ajanta takes the call. The inspector tells her not to waste time and to see her son immediately. She is shocked. She says make me speak to him once. The call ends. Manoj says we’ll tell Maa. Ajanta says no, she’ll scold me, and we’ll let them know once we meet Manas. I’ll tell Mauli once, he says. She scolds him.

She says to think about Manas for once. She goes. He says I’m also coming. She cries and says, you never gave Manas love and always forced your decisions on him. He hears them and says Manas’s been caught. Ajay says he’s in police custody, and he’s hurt. Ajay says he’s in good hands, going home with you, and I’m there for him. Manoj nods in agreement.

As soon as they arrive at the police station, Manas is injured. He asks why you are here. Manoj asks why you did not call us, how did this happen, we are here, talk to us, everything will be fine. He falls and cries, saying I’m sorry. Manoj asks why sorry? Tell us the truth. Ajay arrives. He says the Inspector said Manas fought with some goons. Ajanta asks why, but Ajay says tell us, we’re here to help.

The boy says I made a big mistake. My dad told me Aashna wasn’t suitable for me, but I didn’t listen. I deserved this; she had spoiled my life. Mauli calls Manoj. He isn’t answering. Did he go to the market to fix the mangalsutra? Mauli collides with Rahul. He asks if she is stressed. She says I am stressed because Dad would have been upset. He holds her hand and says to think about yourself as well.

Manas says that Aashna didn’t make me think this would happen to me. Manoj says you could have called me. Asked how I would tell Manas Aashna left me, she had committed fraud, she took out a business loan under my name and just left. She took all the money, money lenders were after me, they attacked me and filed a police complaint, and the police brought me here.

Ajay says everyone makes mistakes; your dad and I both made mistakes. Manoj says you could have taken money from me. Manas says no; I deserved this money. Rahul says you have to support yourself. Just say no to Janki. She wants you to go back to Mauli. You will find a deserving partner there.

As he says, you have to stand up for yourself. She replies, “I know Manas has left and I need to move on, my father isn’t home.” He says okay, talk to Janki. She says it’s hard to explain to her. He thinks I’ll come along. He drinks hot tea and drops it on her hand. Her hand burns. Rahul cares for her. She asks him to leave. Jyoti smiles and looks at them. Mauli speaks to herself.


Manoj brings Manas home. Manas apologizes to Mauli. Rahul gets angry and says he is playing a role.

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