Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Holi Celebrations Turn Chaotic

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Manoj and his brothers, who are all visibly intoxicated. They share a round of laughter. As they continue to enjoy themselves, Vijay teasingly mentions that Akshay still cries just as he always has. Mauli suspects that they have consumed bhaang but wonders who gave it to them. She promptly messages Rahul to inquire about the source of the bhaang. His response is calm as he states that there’s no need for thanks since he was the one who gave it to them in the first place. He excitedly announces that they will now be playing Holi and celebrating, urging everyone to get ready. Akshay expresses his frustration at Manoj and Vijay leaving, reminding them that as the eldest, they should have known not to showcase their sarees in front of him when he specifically asked them not to do so.

In Jyoti’s words, Akshay fell alone without his brothers. Vijay calls him my life. Akshay says no. They cry and hug. Vijay says we did wrong. Manoj says yes. Vijay says I came to contact you, but you didn’t come. Manoj says sorry, I thought you would understand, but you didn’t. Vijay says I know. Manoj says no, I missed you a lot every day for all these years. They hug each other. As everyone watches Manisha, she says I cried alone when you all left us.

I used to compete with Vijay eating gujiyas. Ajay says I had 17 gujiyas. Akshay says I asked a neighbor for one and ate it. Manoj says I will feed you with my hands, and Vijay. In London, we never celebrated Holi. Tanvi says he never played Holi in London. Ajay says I didn’t either. Swara says he locked himself in a room on Holi.

I didn’t eat gujiyas either, Manoj says. They miss the sweets made by Swara and Tanvi. Rahul takes pictures of them. Hari says Janki, they stayed away but not from hearts. Janki says it would be nice if they united. Mauli has done this. Hari says Rahul is also behind this, so if they get together, anything is possible. Everyone plays Holi. Rang barse…plays.

Rahul and Mauli exchange greetings and wish each other a happy Holi. During the celebration, Mauli accidentally bumps into Manas, who also wishes her well. He then takes some colors to join in the festivities. Mauli kindly offers to get everyone buttermilk and leaves to do so. While she is gone, Manoj also takes the opportunity to greet and wish Mauli. Meanwhile, Manas plans to prove himself and claim his share of their father’s property. He follows after Mauli and locks the door behind them, expressing his desire to celebrate Holi together with her. Despite her initial reluctance, he assures her that he wants to talk, make amends for his mistakes, and express his love for her.

It’s not right, Mauli says; please don’t let me go. He stops her and tells her I got this chance by hard work, it’s Holi today, strangers hug even strangers, we were married, forgive me. She pushes him. He stops her. As we married, he says that we would have been close like this if I hadn’t left you. Please forgive me and leave. She says she won’t forgive you again, so move. She runs and opens the door. Manas asks her to stop. Rahul sees them and stops Manas. Rahul stops Manas.

Manas demands to talk to her, but Rahul angrily intervenes. A physical altercation ensues, attracting the attention of the rest of the group. Rahul relentlessly beats Manas until others step in to stop him. Concerned for Manas’ well-being, Manoj and Ajanta approach him while Manoj confronts Rahul about his actions. Vijay points out that perhaps Manas provoked Rahul’s reaction, prompting a heated argument between them as Nanhe tries to intervene. However, he is eventually pushed away in the chaos. In a fit of anger, Janki grabs a stick and uses it to break up their fight while scolding them for hurting Nanhe.

Tanvi says Rahul never fights with anyone, and Manas has done something wrong. Ajanta says you will decide everything. Swara says Manas is useless. Janki says stop it. She asks Mauli what happened and why. She gets tense. If I speak out, Manoj’s name will be tarnished, but if I remain silent, people will start calling Rahul wrong. Hari asks her to speak out. Rahul says that Manas has locked Mauli and molested her. Everyone is shocked.


Manas worries about his plan when Janki asks Mauli if this is true. Mauli nods. Rahul becomes angry.

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