Main Hoon Saath Tere 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Janvi Uncovers Shocking Truth

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

She finds a woman in a room trying to slit her wrist as Janvi cleans it, and Janvi stops her and slaps her to calm her down. Asked why Janvi saved her, the woman says it’s better to die than sell her body. She is shocked to learn that the woman is a sexual worker forced into the room. Janvi sends the woman away and asks the front desk under whose name the room was booked. She gets a surprising response from the front desk. Raina decides to know everything about the scenario.

Raina can’t believe Abhay was with a sexual worker. Janvi confirms it, saying the room was booked under Abhay’s name. Raina cries and feels betrayed by Abhay. Janvi promises to notify Brij Bhushan. Raina insists it’s a private matter and doesn’t want Brij Bhushan to know.

Janvi must tell him. Raina, angry, fires Janvi. Janvi begs not to be fired, but Raina throws her out of the office. Because Janvi is a union member, Sadhu says she can’t fire her without giving 30 days’ notice. Raina backs down and leaves. He warns the union might strike if they discover she was fired for personal reasons.

Sadhu acknowledges Raina’s troubles and offers to take Janvi home. She agrees. Meanwhile, Aryaman and Kian try making palak paneer, but it becomes a mess. Kian offers Janvi water when she returns home, and Aryaman and Kian tell her about the kitchen disaster.

When Sadhu arrives at Janvi’s house, he asks her to speak to her elders. Dadi calls Janvi. Sadhu introduces himself to Janvi and asks for her hand in marriage, saying he wants to help Kian and her. Sadhu thanks Janvi, but Janvi says she doesn’t want to marry him. Sadhu agrees, but Dadi asks him to give Janvi time to decide. Sadhu agrees and leaves.

Dadi asks Janvi why she rejected the proposal. Janvi says she makes decisions carefully and asks Dadi to trust her judgment. The next day, Janvi asks Aryaman to help create a kite for Kian. Aryaman asks her to help. Janvi agrees. Aryaman locks the door. After Kian calls for Janvi, she asks Aryaman to open the door, saying she needs to get to Kian.

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