Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Janvi’s Misunderstanding and Aryaman’s Determination

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Janvi realized she was half an hour late and her hotel manager scolded others for being late. She worried she would also get scolded by the general manager if she was late. She sent Kian away and pretended to talk to Brij Bhushan’s son over the phone. The general manager was rigorous, so Janvi couldn’t come for coffee.

After the call, she apologized to the general manager, claiming that Brij Bhushan’s son thanked her for saving Brij Bhushan and asked her for coffee. As a result, the general manager allowed her to meet with Brij Bhushan’s son at any time. Aryaman saw the incident from afar and thought Janvi was lying.

It was rumoured that Brij Bhushan’s son liked Janvi and proposed to her, and Janvi apologized to God for lying to the GM. Ritu asked Janvi about the proposal, and Janvi told her the truth. When Kian asked Janvi if the general manager had scolded her, Janvi said nothing had gone well. Ritu asked Janvi to attend everyone’s interview, assuring Kian she would care for him.

After Janvi agreed, she attended the interviews. Ritu warned Kian that they had to hide from the general manager or they’d be in trouble. Kian agreed. When the general manager offered to help Ritu, she made up a story about a rat in the hotel. When the general manager heard this, he went looking for the rat. Ritu hid Kian in the luggage.

During the interviews, Janvi mistakenly assumed Aryaman was a makeup artist and asked him to do her makeup. Despite Aryaman’s attempts to clarify, Janvi ignored him. When the real makeup artist arrived, Janvi’s face was a mess. Realizing her mistake, Janvi became furious with Aryaman for not correcting her earlier and rejected his application for the management trainee position.

He told Ritu he had to go to the washroom. When the general manager called Ritu, Janvi kept a watch outside. After regaining consciousness, Brij Bhushan revealed to Ujwala, Suyesh, and Raina that he had decided to make his will. Raina tried to convince Ujwala that his health was more important, but Suyesh sided with Ujwala.

As Raina said later, Ujwala stopped Brij Bhushan from making a will because Aryaman wouldn’t get anything. Ujwala defended Aryaman, but Raina left, annoyed. As it was crucial to find out who attacked Brij Bhushan, Aryaman thought of how to get the job.


Aryaman tells Janvi, “I did not hire you here, so you are taking my child.” Kian tells Janvi, “You’re wrong; he saved me from a car accident.” Raina calls the hotel to get information about her stepbrother, Aryaman. He says he doesn’t know because he has never seen him. Once Raina gets a hold of Aryaman, she sends him to the hotel with her servant. The manager shouts, “Our boss is here!” after seeing Aryaman.

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