Main Hoon Saath Tere 13th May 2024 Written Update: Aryaman Finds Evidence, Janvi Attacked!

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Kian learns from Dadi that she is fasting for Janvi to find a good husband and for him to find a good father. Kian asks Dadi how he will know if a guy will be a good husband for Janvi. A good match is when Janvi smiles at someone, and the other understands her without saying anything. Aryaman finds evidence that someone is cooking the books in the accounts department. He takes photos and decides to figure out who is responsible.

Aryaman arrives at Janvi’s office a little late. Janvi teases him for being two minutes late, but Aryaman insists he’s twenty minutes early. Janvi tells him about a conference with Brij Bhushan, who has been discharged. Aryaman gets excited and hugs Janvi, but she pushes him away, asking him to bring boxes to the conference.

She decides to keep Aryaman away from Brij Bhushan and sends him to get flowers; Aryaman pretends to mess up in the conference hall, so Janvi offers to serve Brij Bhushan herself. Aryaman answers Muralidhar’s call, and Janvi notices his expensive phone, suspecting he stole it.

During this time, Raina instructs Prince to do batting today. She instructs the doctor to declare Kian unfit for play. Raina announces Prince will bat, and Kian must run 20 rounds to prove his fitness. Janvi tries to feed Kian, but he refuses. They find all the houses locked when they return home, thinking everyone might be at the fair.

Upon entering their house, Janvi realizes it’s in a mess and asks Kian to stay put while she confronts the thieves. After the goons come out and fight Janvi, they ask if she saw who shot Brij Bhushan. Aryaman calls Kian for help when Janvi is struggling. Aryaman finds out from Kian that Janvi witnessed Brij Bhushan’s attack, so he rushes to save her. There are barricades in his way, and he wonders how he will get to Janvi.


Pushkar asks Janvi what the man’s shoes are doing here. He talks about her character and demands to see the man. Arayman listens to everything and walks out angrily.

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