Maati Se Bandhi Dor 29th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 29th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Ranvijay coming to Kishor’s party. He asks where Jaya is; she’s the only person I know. Kishor says she’ll go soon. Vasundhara prays in the temple. She says I wish a nice girl came in Ranvijay’s life, she should support him as his shadow, she gives a new shine to Dharm and justice. Vaiju barges into the house. She calls out Vasundhara.

In response to Kaka’s question, she says she wants to talk to her. She scolds Jaykant’s parents. She says that you’ll see tandav now. She throws things about. Kishor asks Ranvijay if he took anything. He introduces Ranvijay to Jaya’s roommates, Aliya and Preeti. They tease Kishor about Jaya. Jaya arrives.

Vaiju takes the aarti diya and threatens to burn the harvest. I can’t sell my field; it’s like my mother to me, so I’m lucky you don’t insult food or anything else. She says your son came to my field and burned our hard work on Vasundhara’s orders. She keeps the diya stand back. She says I am a farmer’s daughter and live on hard work, not help. She takes the grains and says I’m settling the score. She leaves. Rao Sahab returns home and sees the mess. He asks what happened.

Kaka says tandav, that girl came like a wind and ruined everything like a storm. She has something in her, he says to Naagraj. Let this stay as it is, Naagraj. No one has dared provoke Vasundhara, so let her see for herself. When Vasundhara’s tractor gets stuck, Vaiju stops by and smiles at Jaya. Kishor surprises her. He shows her the words I love you, Jaya wrote. He proposes to her on his knees.

She shows Vaiju’s pic to Vasundhara. Vaiju leaves. Vasundhara says she’s such a hardworking girl at the moment. Jaya says you need my sister’s permission to date me. Kishor says don’t be so ridiculous. Jaya says no, I’m fulfilling my dreams here because my sister sacrificed her dreams. She works hard, and I can’t do anything without her permission, Kishor. He says you mean I’ll get permission from your sister?

Ranvijay smiles. He tells Kishor not to worry; that village is my home, and we aren’t made for each other. Jaya says being modern doesn’t mean forgetting your family. He says she said no; no means no. Love works when both partners respect each other; love is a lifelong commitment. It’s your birthday; let’s cut the cake. Upon returning home, Vasundhara looks at the broken things. She learns about Vaiju and becomes angry.

It is Rao who says she is not ordinary but a storm. She says how dare she do this? I’ll see her, call her. It is your mistake, she claims you sent Jaikant to threaten her, you can’t force someone like that, wrong is wrong. Then Vasundhara says I didn’t send Jaikant to buy anyone’s land, where is he, contact her. Ranvijay goes after Jaya. They discuss the matter. It rains. He says it is at the wrong time. She says I haven’t eaten anything yet. He orders tea and vada pau.

Ishq Hua….plays… She talks about her sister. He smiles at her. Jaya says I’ll call and talk to her and get her permission to date you. She’s a farmer. She’ll see my cute face when she sees it, and then she’ll ask me to date you. He covers her with his coat, and she leaves.

He looks around the house and asks what happened. Vasundhara scolds him. Jaikant lies to her. She slaps him. She asks how dare you lie to me? Just tell the truth. The girl says you have done injustice to her, it can’t happen in my presence, you have to apologize. Vaiju is sad. Ranvijay dances in the rain.


Jaya and Ranvijay chat. He says he will speak to your sister and send the proposal. Ranvijay speaks to Vaiju.

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