Jhanak 11th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh’s Gift and Arshi’s Suspicion

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When the lights go out, Anirudh says he will get candles. Jhanak says she will help. Chotan and Anjana tell Appu not to worry. Appu goes to get candles. Anirudh and Jhanak light them. Arshi returns home and asks why the lights are out. Chotan says I was going to start the generator.

Arshi asks about everyone. Anjana says they went out, Anirudh is in his room, I sent food for him. Arshi says I’ll get in touch with him. Anjana says you can have food. Arshi says I’ll have coffee. It is strange why Jhanak hasn’t come yet, if Arshi sees them, it will be problematic. Appu says Jhanak is there in Anirudh’s room. Arshi worries.

As Jhanak asks Anirudh for food, he says, “Wait, I want to hear about your marriage.” She says, “I’m sure you’ll get angry, but I got this for you after the shopkeeper suggested it. Close your eyes.” Arshi asks what Jhanak is doing in his room. Chotan says she’s taking him food. Arshi leaves. Anjana scolds Appu.

Chotan mentions that Anirudh had a task for Jhanak. Anjana expresses concern that people might take advantage of the situation to criticize Jhanak. Anirudh politely requests Jhanak to close her eyes. She hesitates, mentioning she has work to do. However, he insists and moves to put a ring on her finger. Suddenly, Arshi appears and calls out to Anirudh before noticing him with Jhanak. Curious, she asks what’s happening and points out the ring in his hand. She scolds Jhanak, revealing that it was meant for her as a gift during the wedding announcement party. It was chosen by Anirudh who had consulted with Arshi if it would suit her, as it would look stunning on her hand.

It doesn’t matter if a maid tells Arshi about my gift, Anirudh says she’s not a maid, but your sister. Your happiness matters to Anirudh, he showed me the ring thinking I was your sister and knew what you liked and disliked, he was asking, sorry, I’m sorry you felt bad, I’ll go. Then, Arshi asks her to leave. She says love is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Congratulations to you two. She leaves.

The Arshi says you are always with Jhanak when I arrive, that too alone. She disagrees with Anirudh. Mom noticed something at Jhanak’s Sindoor ceremony: her husband had a wristband like yours. He asks what band. She says this one, exactly. I know it’s expensive, but he didn’t show his face. He says he doesn’t want to die by showing his face so anyone can have one.

I’m not too fond of it, I don’t know, she says. He says you’re taking a lot of stress, don’t take pressure, do one thing, forget these things. She hugs him. He feels sorry. She says she doesn’t like anything, I want to get married soon, why are you silent? He says we had a party to announce the marriage. She asks if we should keep it next Sunday. He says no, there is a cultural program in the office. She asks yes. He says yes.

He says don’t get restless, and everything will happen as we decided. She hugs him and asks why I feel scared and restless. Jhanak gets coffee for them. Arshi asks what you want. Jhanak says I got coffee for you. Arshi says I want to get rid of you, go away, stop disturbing me. She goes. Jhanak says I just came to give coffee to you both, and I know you will be a great couple.

It’s your problem, he says, that’s why you scolded Jhanak. He says, stop showing sympathy for Jhanak, I can’t tolerate her. She says, it’s not your problem, send her to her husband. You make me feel like I have sinned. Someone helps another person, but you make me think I have done something wrong. She says you made mistakes. He says your perception is terrible, I just wanted to help Jhanak, anyway. She cries. They argue. He says, relax.

After giving Anirudh the phone in the morning, Jhanak tells him that the Sindoor rasam is finished, and he says you should keep it because there is internet on it, and you can get help from him. She says thank you for thinking so much for me, but I cannot take exams now, who will call me? Rahul says he is there. She says don’t get him in between. He says you are misunderstanding, Rahul is there for you, like Arshi is there for me, he cares a lot about you.

Rahul is just my friend, she says. He says fine, does he want only to be your friend? She says I don’t want this phone, don’t take Rahul’s phone, I didn’t earn this phone, I have no status to use such a high-priced phone. He refuses to take it, so she keeps the phone and goes. He thinks I thought you would be happy. Sorry if you felt terrible. Tejas comes to Kolkata. He says I’m coming to take you back to Kashmir.


Tejas says that you must become mine. Jhanak thinks she will die, but not with you. Anirudh comes to Jhanak. He tells her not to worry. She asks what she will do. Tejas has photos from that night. She leaves.

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