Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2024 Update: Ruhi Leaves, Abhira & Armaan Fight!

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Armaan and Abhira argue at the beginning of the episode. He tells her to trust him because your friendship is important to him. She refuses, saying this isn’t my home, family, and friend. He stops her and holds her hand. She cries and takes her hand off. Armaan stumbles. Abhira and Ruhi hold him. Ruhi says Armaan was going to fall. If he gets hurt on his head, then… you don’t respect and understand him. At least don’t push him. Stop acting like a child.

He says Armaan is not a child. She didn’t push me, and I forced her to stop. Ruhi asks if it is my mistake. He says no, it is my mistake to trust you and tell the truth about our marriage. Abhira leaves. She says you think sharing everything was a mistake. He says yes, I trusted you and asked for your help. She says we had planned everything, and her parents became upset.

Abhira got stubborn. He says you also got stubborn and fought with her, and we also didn’t know about her plan. How can she become wrong alone? That’s enough. I’ll talk to her but don’t talk to her from my end. You shouldn’t have interacted with us. You’re making a mistake now. I can’t believe you’re speaking to me in this manner. What happened to you was Abhira’s mistake. You’re making a mistake.

He says if Abhira and I can make a mistake, even you can, so you have made a mistake today. She cries. Abhira cries and talks to Akshara. Armaan comes. She acts to sleep. He says I know you aren’t sleeping; I didn’t come to apologize; you can fight with me, punish me, tell me anything, but talk to me, he recalls her words. He holds her hand and falls asleep.

Ruhi comes and sees them. She shuts the door, and her hand comes in between. She cries and leaves. Humko rula diya….plays… Abhira cries and leaves. The following day, Abhira wakes up to see Armaan. She goes. When Armaan hears the alarm, he gets angry and searches for Abhira. Manisha says Abhira is in the kitchen, preparing a three-course breakfast. Armaan says I will go and see.

She says the doctor asked her to look after Manish, so she is going. Vidya asks if you are going because of your fight with Abhira. Abhira says breakfast is ready and hits a vase. She picks it up and sees Ruhi with her bag. She says no, I’m going for Manish, not for Abhira’s fight. She meets everyone.

This is your house, Dadi says. Ruhi says Armaan, I don’t need your help. She leaves thinking of Rohit, Armaan and Abhira’s moments. Yeh Rishta….plays…Ruhi stumbles. Abhira and Armaan run to her. Manisha says see Armaan holding Ruhi. Manoj watches. Armaan asks whether you are okay. Ruhi asks are you concerned? She leaves.

Armaan arrives at Abhira’s side and inquires about her focus. Are you still feeling upset about the incident where we scolded poor Ruhi? Abhira playfully replies, “Make me the villain then.” A playful argument ensues between them. Abhira firmly states she will not apologize to anyone. Suwarna points out that Abhir doesn’t want to come. Manish hears the doorbell and exclaims, “Abhir has arrived!” As he opens the door, he sees Ruhi standing outside. She questions if he is expecting someone else. He responds, “The house always eagerly awaits its children.” She wonders if everything is okay and decides to leave. Manish asks her if her dramatic act is over and clarifies that he was asking about her well-being. Ruhi embraces him and assures him that all is well.

Surekha inquires, “How long will you hold on to this hope?” Manish reassures her, stating, “Always. I know Abhir will come.” Meanwhile, Abhira is interrupted by a call. Dadi steps in and advises them to continue their conversation in private. As the call ends, Dadi prefers sugar over salt in curd. Quickly, Abhira promises to get curd with sugar. Sanjay shares his disbelief at having food prepared by her, while Madhav brings up the recent failed picnic plan and points fingers at her for not being aware of the party arrangement. Charu defends her, reminding everyone that she isn’t as simple as they may think. She also mentions how Armaan got into an argument with Ruhi because of her, resulting in Ruhi leaving the house. The rest of the family stares at Armaan.

I don’t like to repeat the question, so Abhira gets the curd. She holds Armaan. Dadi asks Armaan if Ruhi left the house because of Abhira. Armaan replied it’s not Abhira’s mistake; I argued with Ruhi. Dadi wants to know what you told her about leaving the house and why you two fought.


Armaan says Dadi said I couldn’t dine with her until Ruhi returned. Dadi and Vidya talk. Abhira and Armaan argue.

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