Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for 16th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Kairav asks Muskaan if Abhir Abhi is his son. Muskaan replies no. He says he has heard everything and is just checking that Abhimanyu Abhir is the biological father of his child. She confirms it. He is shocked. Manjiri asks who owns these bags. Parth says it’s mine. Parth is returning home, he is the son of this house, so I don’t need anyone’s permission to do so, he will remain in the house.

Shefali says Parth can stay here. Shefali says she can. Makhiri argues with her. Shefali says Parth can stay here. He says thanks, you will not regret this, our relationship… She says we have no relation; I don’t want to make a son away from her mum, you will stay here as a son, not as a husband. Akshara asks Abhir to have food. Abhir says I don’t like khichdi. Abhinav comes and acts funny. Abhir laughs and eats. Kairav watches.

Muskaan’s words return to his mind. As he cries, he says Akshara had hidden something, but what could she do? Abhimanyu left her and he didn’t deserve her and Abhir, and Aarohi is marrying him because of Roohi, which is also messed up. If this truth comes out, then Abhimanyu will take Abhir from Akshara, what about Aarohi and Roohi? Akshara turns. Kairav walks away.

As it is morning, Abhimanyu asks Abhir, “Are you afraid?” Abhir says no. Abhinav says Abhimanyu is with Abhir. Akshara thinks thanks Kanha ji, Abhinav is not upset with Abhimanyu. She gets Dadi’s call and leaves. Aarohi says they have a good bond. Abhinav says yes. She gives him a file and says I had to say this, but it’s up to you. Akshara asks her what happened. He says Aarohi is saying….

Abhimanyu and Abhir see the fire in the machines. Abhir gets scared. Akshara and Abhinav shout Abhir. Aarohi shouts Abhimanyu. He says nothing will happen. He removes the wires connected. He gets shocked. Akshara comes and hugs Abhir. They all go out. Abhimanyu says I’ll look over him later.

Abhimanyu cries. Akshara takes Abhir with her. Aarohi wonders if Abhimanyu learned the truth about Abhir today…

Abhimanyu goes to Rohan. He says I want details of all the machines, I want all the lists, the machines will not be used, otherwise I will throw them out. Rohan says I will get it set up. Abhimanyu thinks Akshara got angry on me then she stopped, and Akshara asks if you’re okay. Abhir says he’s fine.

She tells her son, “You are my strong boy,” as she helps him settle into the car and suggests he listen to some music. With tears in her eyes, she sits down. Abhinav arrives and reassures her, saying that Abhir is safe and Abhimanyu saved him. It wasn’t Abhimanyu’s fault; the machine caught fire due to a short circuit. He emphasizes that they didn’t even inquire about Abhimanyu’s well-being. He advises her to calm down and assures her that they are heading home. However, she expresses her concern, sensing that something is amiss.

She shares her hopes for Abhimanyu’s well-being as well. Abhinav, maintaining a positive outlook, believes that Abhir is safe, Akshara will be fine, and Abhimanyu will also recover. Mahima expresses her confusion about how the incident occurred. Abhimanyu argues, saying that his junior, or rather his patient, could have died today. He feels responsible for every patient under his care. Mahima tries to console him, stating that it was just an accident and that machines, being man-made, can sometimes malfunction.

The same thing happened to Aarohi, he said. I won’t abandon this matter now, Aarohi will handle the investigation, we’ll meet tomorrow, and I’ll get rid of the culprit. You are hurt, she says. He says no, I’m fine, I’ll finish OPD and meet Abhir. Akshara is upset, she won’t like you to visit, I’ll check Abhir. Abhir, Abhinav and Akshara return home. Manish asks if the tests went well. Abhir, Abhinav, and Akshara come home.

You know what happened, it’s not fine, Mom and doctor. Abhinav says they caught him eating chocolate. He signs Abhir. Manish says don’t get caught next time. Abhir says I’ll hide in a corner and eat. Suvarna says we forgot Abhir’s surprise. Kairav and Muskaan come. They show the magic.

Akshara nods in agreement as Abhinav remarks that Abhir is incredibly happy and has forgotten all about the recent incident. He encourages Akshara to let go of her fears, warning her jokingly that Kairav might use his magic on her. Just then, Aarohi arrives at home, stating that she has come for Akshara’s checkup. Manish informs her that they have just returned from the hospital. Aarohi apologizes, explaining that Roohi was taken to the park. Abhir expresses his desire to go as well, but Aarohi tells him they will go later. Akshara gazes at them intently, while Abhimanyu, recalling Akshara’s previous words, sheds tears.

The precap:

She says we’re going to the US for Abhir’s surgery. Abhimanyu says we can’t take Abhir. She says Abhir’s parents will decide for him, not a stranger. Abhimanyu leaves and meets Abhir outside.


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