Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira’s Revelation Shakes Armaan’s Beliefs

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The Episode begins with Abhira calming down Armaan and offering him candy. She suggests that this toffee represents our childhood, perhaps it will assist you in listening to your inner voice. Armaan consumes the candy. Abhira fashions a ring out of the wrapper and hands it to him. She advises him not to discard it, but instead twist it, for mundane things can become extraordinary and bring tranquility amidst life’s chaos. Confused, he asks what happened. She replies that she needs to apologize to someone. He suspects Ruhi might be calling, so he checks his phone and dials her number. To his dismay, he discovers she has blocked his number.

Abhira says this happened because of me. I’m sorry. He says it’s okay, it’s not your fault, don’t feel guilty. She asks how to rectify it. He says you want to help me, right? Fine, tell me your truth. I have heard one side story but came here to hear your side. She scolds him.

You might not have asked Yuvraj for proof of his innocence, you came here to ask for evidence. She says the truth is just one: Yuvraj has harassed, stalked me, and made my life hell. He says I’m not that insensitive. She tells him about Yuvraj’s evil actions. She tells him you go and tell him, I’m not afraid of him, the money, power and lawyer, you have to hear it out, he touched me without my consent. She tells him. She tells him. She tells him. She says you can’t save him, and I have the truth with me, so she leaves.

Manish explains to Ruhi. He says we are like advisory boards, you are the CEO of your life, it’s up to you to accept or reject the advice, you have longed for family and relations, Poddar family is good, Rohit will keep you happy. Armaan comes to mind. He says if this relationship doesn’t bring you happiness, then… Ruhi shouts yes, it’s my yes to marry Rohit. Suwarna says you like a guy. Ruhi says I didn’t understand the difference between love and attraction, so it’s over.

Upon arrival, Madhav expresses his gratitude towards the children and embraces them. The rest of the family is also present, caring for him. Vidya notices Madhav’s presence, and Sanjay reassures him that they are worried about his well-being, with a top doctor on standby to attend to his needs. However, Madhav acknowledges his loving family and declines assistance, thanking them instead. Kajal suggests he rests while Vidya provides him with medication. Madhav then urges them to inform Maasa of his condition as she anxiously awaits an update. As Dadi overhears this, she leaves the room.

Abhira asked what we would do at the next hearing. Akshara explains to her. Abhira says we want God’s help. She prays. Armaan thinks Yuvraj’s medical reports say that alcohol was present in his blood on the day of the accident, which is why he lied to me. In Yuvraj’s room, he sees the laptop and CDs where Abhira is written.

He recalls Abhira’s words. He gets angry. Abhira receives a call. She says I’ll just come. Akshara worries. Manish is on the phone with Dadi. He asks if Madhav come home. Dadi says yes. He says you have to come to take Ruhi home. Ruhi has said yes. She wishes good luck and happiness to both families. Everyone teases Rohit. Rohit hugs Vidya. Abhira asks for Gupta ji’s clothes shop.

After meeting with Gupta Ji, she mentioned his call regarding the accident. He explains that a tourist witnessed and recorded the incident, providing him with a pen drive that may bring justice to someone. As he hands her the pen drive, she watches Yuvraj drive by and expresses gratitude towards him. Knowing this evidence will likely lead to Yuvraj’s imprisonment, she is confident in the outcome. Meanwhile, Armaan recalls Yuvraj’s face and sees Abhira running on the road. He follows her as a drone appears and drops a menacing note addressed to Abhira. Armaan quickly catches it and discovers it is from Yuvraj, causing Abhira to look at him with concern.


Ruhi and Rohit’s roka is over. Ruhi thinks it’s useless to wait for Armaan. Armaan says I’m going to take you to court safely.

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