Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2024 Written Episode: RV and Poorvi’s Wedding Rituals Begin!

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In the episode, RV gets ready for marriage. Yug tells Poorvi that her love for her is like that of Jaanbaaz and says what you can do, nobody else can. RV says I didn’t do anything special and helped her when I didn’t know her. Poorvi gets ready. Diya says that RV helped her when he didn’t know her and that the two are fated together. RV says some things are hard to explain to others. Yug says he didn’t reply whether he loved her or not.

Poorvi mentions they have a strong bond where RV always comes to her aid whenever she’s in trouble. Upon seeing RV’s arrival, Diya offers to leave and asks Poorvi about her current task. As “Ishq Tere Le Dooba” plays in the background, Poorvi expresses her gratitude to RV for his help. In turn, RV admires her determination and bravery in handling the situation. He adds that she fought for herself, and Poorvi acknowledges that he saved her. RV always promises to protect her from others but wonders if he can save her from himself.

I know you won’t bother me, Poorvi says. You tell me I trust you, and she says you don’t need to tell me that I trust you. RV says you don’t trust me much and says, you don’t know so much. RV gets tensed. RV says husbands tease wives. Poorvi says you can’t trouble a wife like me. He says I won’t be afraid of you. She says you have to stay with love. RV says first, we shall marry. Kumkum Bhagya plays…Poorvi holds his hand to go with him.

Diya says Devi and Devta will come and bless the couple when puja occurs. Nupur asks why Pandit Ji is taking so long to solemnize the marriage. Harleen says it takes time.

Ashok informs Prachi that Khushi is currently unavailable. Manpreet suggests sending a message to Khushi about RV and Poorvi’s arrival. However, Ashok reveals that he has already spoken to Khushi, and she has confirmed her attendance. Vishaka disapproves of the situation but acknowledges that there is not much they can do. Divya shares that RV has secured a contract from Khushi’s family. Vishaka speculates that Khushi’s husband may have prevented her from attending. Just then, RV and Poorvi enter the room. Dadi declares that Poorvi will follow in her footsteps. RV confidently states that Poorvi will receive immense love and success in marriage. Harman announces the start of the countdown and prompts Pandit ji to commence the ceremony. Following his instructions, Pandit ji instructs Poorvi to place her hand on RV’s as they begin their marriage rites.

Pandit ji asks them to exchange the garlands. They stand up and look at each other. Poorvi then makes him wear the garland. Everyone claps. Mainu ishq tera plays….RV makes Poorvi wear the garland. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Pandit Ji asks Prachi to do the ghatbandhan. Prachi says she tied the ghatbandhan, which opened so I won’t do it again. You had done it and that’s why we’re together, Poorvi says she should do it again and asks her to.

Diya mentions that RV and Poorvi di desire to spend multiple lifetimes together. Poorvi pleads with, please. RV requests Prachi to tie the ghatbandhan, but it slips. Lakshmi arrives and takes over, tying the ghatbandhan herself. She assures them of their future together as she believes they will be together. Just then, Rishi appears, and Pandit Ji explains that she is known as Bhagya Lakshmi. Prachi, Manpreet, and others thank Rishi for bringing Lakshmi to the wedding. Prachi informs Lakshmi that this is her daughter’s wedding and urges her to hurry up. As Lakshmi looks at Prachi, she has some flashbacks and says Minto’s name. Rishi apologizes for the disturbance and suggests leaving since Lakshmi seems unwell. Harleen asks what could have caused the sudden change in her behavior.

Rishi apologizes, but Harman reassures him there is no need to apologize. They are all glad to have him here. Harleen comments on how wonderful it is to see him caring for his wife. Ashok adds that he considers Rishi to be both a partner and a guide. He then advises RV and encourages him to keep Poorvi happy. Due to their past actions, Rishi acknowledges their good fortune in having Lakshmi and Poorvi in their lives. He also mentions how Lakshmi has always been there for him during difficult times, just like Poorvi will be there for RV. Ashok agrees, pointing out that RV has also played a role in supporting Lakshmi. Harman adds that whenever Poorvi faces trouble, RV is always there to help her. Lakshmi excuses herself, needing to go home since Rishi is alone, and asks Poorvi to stay joyful. She ends by saying she is content with Minto and Rishi being by her forever.

A guest lady says Poorvi is blessed to have a husband like RV. Beeji looks at Preeta and tells Dada ji that it is good that I saw her unconscious outside, brought her here, and changed her clothes. Dada Ji says the doctor must come. Preeta becomes conscious and thanks them. Dadi asks her to take care. She says that today is the wedding at our house. Preeta thanked them for their gesture.


RV’s Chachi gets upset over Poorvi’s grah pravesh ritual after Preeta holds a kumkum bottle about to slip.

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