Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode: Ishwar and Mehul’s Visit to Rajkot Unveils Family Dynamics!

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Nandini enters the kitchen in the morning, she is cooking, and Mehul enters the house, calling Nandini, Mitesh, and Ishwar. As he enters the room, Manri suggests shirts to Ishwar, but he refuses to wear them. When Ishwar says he has gotten ready four times, Mehul asks if he is unprepared. His aunt isn’t convinced when Manri says he had time yesterday and couldn’t buy anything for himself,

Mitesh suggests that Uncle should wear the shoes, but Ishwar declines, and Nandini chimes in, saying he looks great just the way he is. She even offers to give him the dishes she made for them. Mehul asks if they can leave, but Manri stops them and turns to Surbhi. Manri reminds Surbhi that she was the one who gave milk to Nandini and should, therefore, give her blessings. Manri also notices Ishwar’s shirt is unbuttoned and asks if he remembered taking the money with him. Despite these minor mishaps, Manri assures everyone that everything will be fine. She then discreetly signals Mehul about their conversation from the previous night and reminds him to take care of Uncle.

Nandini excitedly calls Naren and updates him on Mehul and her uncle’s departure for Rajkot. Naren eagerly awaits their arrival, and Nandini asks if everything will go smoothly. Naren reassures her by expressing his trust in his father, whom he realized was the best in the world the night before. He promises to update her once everything is taken care of, and Nandini admits she enjoys it when he refers to her as “Nandu.” She playfully suggests that he should drop the formality in their conversations, which Naren agrees with before ending the call.

The house shocks Ishwar as he steps out of the auto. He says that Manri was telling the truth since he should have worn proper clothing. Mehul asks Ishwar to remain positive as they seem very wealthy, but he believes everything will be fine. Ishwar signals that Mehul ring the doorbell.

Virel arrives and inquires about the person ringing the doorbell, to which Mehul responds and informs him that they are from Upleta. Virel invites them in and recognizes Ishwar but asks for Mehul’s name. He then checks if they have any issues. Mehul also asks for his name, to which Virel reveals he is Nandini’s younger brother. As Hemraj walks down the stairs, he reminds Virel that he has already told him to send away those who come seeking alms. Virel introduces himself as Nandini and Mehul’s uncle. Hearing this, Hemraj learns that Virel is Nandini’s uncle as well.

Hemraj recalls his earlier belief that his name was Ishwar Vasanjee, prompting Mehul to mention that Vasanjee is the surname of Nandini’s father. However, they decide to move on from the topic at hand. Virel agrees but stops talking when Hemraj gives him a stern look. Hemraj then admits that the surname is significant as it reveals one’s name and family background. Chanchal arrives, and Virel tells her Ishwar is Nandini and Mehul’s uncle. She urges him to take a seat rather than stand around. As Hemraj receives a phone call, he stands up, causing Parag to interject about someone willing to sell their land. Curious, Hemraj inquires about the person’s name, which Parag reveals as Ishwar Tanbariya. This news elicits a smile from Hemraj, who asks Parag to return and assures him that he will handle everything from there.

Upon seeing Samta approach with a glass, Hemraj becomes wary of Ishwar, mistaking him for the farmer and causing obstacles to his project. However, when Samta mentions Naren’s high praise for Nandini, she pauses upon noticing Hemraj’s arrival. Virel again offers them water to drink, but Mehul intervenes, reminding him they have just had lemonade. Despite this, Hemraj compliments Mehul, who humbly insists he shouldn’t have. Chanchal reminded them that they had come to discuss matters and could have some refreshments later. Wanting to uphold their village’s traditions, Hemraj assures Virel that Ishwar can have the water, as there is no guarantee that the alliance will be finalized. Ishwar hears this and sets the glass aside.

Since Hemraj is the leader, they also follow the rules of society, Mehul explains they also follow him since Hemraj is the leader, and Hemraj replies he agrees with his responsibility as well. When Ishwar mentions Naren cannot be seen, Hemraj responds by saying children don’t interfere when elders talk, so what is the tradition in their house? Chanchal mentions Naren is about to leave, so Punal is sent to contact him.

In his room, Naren declares he won’t be able to see Nandini’s photo since she will forever be living here, Punal assures him that it will surely be fixed since the family members are present, Punal stops Naren, saying he deserves at least a game, and Naren agrees.

Naren greets Ishwar and Mehul with a hug as he comes downstairs and requests Samta to bring them breakfast. However, she informs them that it’s still being prepared. Hemraj remarks that he wasn’t as thrilled to see his family and even offers to sit down. But Hemraj quickly reminds him of his essential office meetings, stating that he does not need to stay. Ishwar becomes concerned by Hemraj’s stern attitude, prompting Naren to assure them they shouldn’t leave without meeting their father. However, Hemraj insists they are not like him and turns down Naren’s suggestion to meet their father at the bus stand. Naren then asks Dhawal to wait for him so they can go together.

Upon introducing the Ratansi family, Hemraj informs Ishwar and Mehul that they all eagerly welcome them. Just as everyone takes a seat, Virel interjects, once again requesting they sit down. As Ishwar mentions Nandini’s delicious Khandvi, Samta chimes in with excitement, praising Chanchal’s unique skills in making it taste like hers. Ishwar then brings up how their efforts in teaching her household duties have been successful, even if she did not become a doctor or engineer as they had hoped. Hemraj adds that there is no room for mistakes in their home and urges Dhawal to be prepared for the arrival of seventy crores worth of diamonds despite the excuses given by their staff.

Hemraj gets furious when Ronaq stands in front of him, Chanchal says she’ll introduce him to Nandini’s family, but Ronaq leaves, Hemraj tells Ishwar that they can talk in peace, but he needs to show them the house first. Ishwar attempts to excuse him, but Hemraj replies that he has a right to see the house where his niece will be married.

When Manri tells Mitesh to send HetaBaa when she comes while she takes out the jewelry, Mitesh gets shocked when he realizes that the jewelry is still missing and asks Manri which jewelry she is referring to; she replies that it’s time to have their grandmother’s old jewelry converted into a new one.

After teaching the children, Nandini receives a phone call from Mitesh, who asks her to return home because their aunt has gone to take out the jewelry. Nandini tells the children to go back when the time comes.

As Chanchal enters the kitchen, she explains that they have traveled far away but cannot even eat. Samta says they would do the same thing when their family members come, and Chanchal agrees, but she worries that Sethji may do something against tradition, so they start preparing.


Mehul is shocked when Hemraj says he can give fifty tolas of gold so Nandini won’t feel ashamed in front of the other daughter-in-law. He refuses to do so. Despite Mitesh’s warning that it will be costly, Manri insists on breaking the lock. Nandini runs to stop her.

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