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The episode begins with Jhanak expressing her love for her mother and her desire for no one else. Urvashi sheds tears of joy as Radha and Urvashi exit. The audience applauds for Jhanak while Shrishti shares plans to invite Guru ji to prevent any potential misdeeds from Urvashi. Bharat questions if this is possible, and Mami suggests they want to humiliate them. Shrishti proposes they return home to discuss the situation further. As Bharat spots Tejas, he extends an invitation to Arya’s wedding. Tejas takes this opportunity to express his feelings for Jhanak and requests that Bharat speak with her mother about a potential marriage. Shocked, Bharat invites Tejas back to their home, where they can deliberate on the matter further tomorrow.

As Rahul drops Jhanak off at home, she smiles. She asks him to go. Tejas watches and asks the man to follow Rahul. At home, Urvashi tells him to let Jhanak come. Shrishti scolds her. Dadi asks Urvashi to take Jhanak and leave the house. Urvashi refuses to say this. The entire family scolds Urvashi. Jhanak arrives. Arshi asks them not to discuss it. Anirudh says to send her to a different city. Vinayak says yes, you can send her to a dance institute. Jhanak apologizes to Urvashi for her behavior.

Although I made a mistake coming, I could dance because you blessed me with your love. Urvashi gets angry. Jhanak gives the trophy to Urvashi. She cries and asks him to accept it once. Urvashi hugs her and cries. Jhanak tells Urvashi not to cry for me. Urvashi says you cannot become like others. Jhanak asks why I cannot live like others. They hug and cry. Tejas and his goons catch Rahul. Tejas threatens Rahul.

He declares, “I am Jhanak’s future husband, which makes you my brother-in-law.” Rahul reacts with surprise, prompting Tejas to intimidate him and command him to leave. Asserting his claim, Tejas warns that Jhanak belongs to him alone; otherwise, dire consequences await them. He threatens to harm them if they interfere, ordering Rahul to depart, which he promptly does. Meanwhile, Jhanak heads off to fetch milk.

Urvashi informs the group that Jhanak has procured milk for the prayer ritual. Bharat assures them of his actions’ righteousness for Urvashi and Jhanak’s sake. Expressing gratitude, Urvashi acknowledges that they will never forget his kindness. Bharat reaffirms his intentions, stating that everything he does is for their welfare. Concerned about Jhanak’s marriage prospects, he reveals the arrival of a promising proposal for her alliance.

Urvashi inquires about the sender of her alliance. Jhanak notices Anirudh taking photos and wonders why he is alone. He replies that he prefers not to have anyone interfere with his pictures. He congratulates Jhanak on her remarkable performance despite never having formal dance training, commenting on her impressive photographic memory. She explains that her mother didn’t allow her to learn dance, but she has a natural talent for it. Anirudh compliments her and encourages her not to let her talent go to waste before asking where she is headed. Jhanak mentions she will get milk for a puja ceremony and asks if he will walk home. Anirudh remarks on the beauty of Kashmir before inquiring about Jhanak’s friend’s whereabouts.

Nearby, she has a large farm. Interested, he asks if he can join along and says the pictures will turn out well. She agrees and mentions that she will cycle there. Confident in her cycling abilities, she assures him that he can relax while she rides. On their way, they hear a man listening to music on the radio, and he busts out into dance moves. Jhanak also smiles and joins in on the fun with Anirudh. Urvashi inquires about the man’s name, to which Bharat responds with “Tejas.” Upon hearing this, she is taken aback. Despite knowing that Tejas is older than Jhanak, Bharat insists that she will rule like a queen and never find such a suitable alliance again; therefore, Tejas is coming to speak with them, and they should say yes. He also advises Jhanak to dress nicely for the occasion. This news brings Urvashi to tears.

Radha inquires about the situation, to which Urvashi expresses her determination to protect Jhanak’s life by making a final attempt. Meanwhile, the haldi ceremony for Arya commences. Curious about Jhanak’s whereabouts, Radha asks for an update while Urvashi frets over her daughter’s safety. As Jhanak and Anirudh engage in conversation, he offers to invite her to Arshi’s wedding and show her around his city. Delighted yet hesitant, Jhanak explains that they work as servants there, to which Anirudh responds by saying that no job is too tiny and extends the invitation once again. She politely declines but assures him that one day, she will become independent and care for her mother so they can travel together. Smiling at her determination, he continues to watch her with admiration.


Brij helps Jhanak after Urvashi asks him to help. Shrishti scolds Urvashi. Urvashi dies. Jhanak cries. Rahul tells Anirudh that Tejas has kidnapped her. Tejas says I am there for you.

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