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Shiv Shakti

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Shiv asks Ranjan to leave as the haldi is done; Ranjan says you should leave first; you must go to the hospital. Shiv replies yes, but please come to me if you need treatment. Dadi asks when the mehndi is. Manorama says tomorrow 5 PM, I invite you all to come. Dadi says yes. Shiv asks Ranjan to leave as he seems beaten a little. Ranjan glares at him; he believes I won’t spare Shiv, and he leaves with his family. Raghunath says we need to go now.

Shiv makes his way out of the house and assures Shakti that he will inquire about Ranjan. She expresses her gratitude, to which he responds with a reminder that there’s no need for apologies or thank yous between them since she holds a special place in his heart. Shakti affectionately smiles at him. Keertan observes their conversation with resentment. Dadi calls for Shiv, who bids farewell before heading toward her. Shakti admires him and admits she sees him as more than just a friend. She wishes she could have expressed her feelings further, but he even took away her right to apologize and show appreciation. As she gazes at him, memories of their moments flood her mind.

Mandira notices her gazing at him, then at Keertan. At that moment, she realizes she can utilize her son’s presence. Without hesitation, Mandira approaches Rimjhim and offers a blessing. Shakti observes from the sidelines as Rimjhim respectfully touches Mandira’s feet. “Congratulations,” Mandira exclaims with genuine joy, “everyone except for my son is in high spirits today.”

Meanwhile, Keertan discreetly wipes away his tears. “He didn’t want to attend this event,” Mandira explains with a heavy heart, “but I insisted.” It reminded her of a past love story where someone could not marry their beloved. Feeling that it’s time to depart, Mandira takes Keertan away from the gathering. Chacha kindly asks Shakti to bring some sweets for them and hands them over to Mandira before they leave.

She hears Mandira whispering to her that this marriage will destroy your family. Shakti says she is not scared of your threats… I promise not to let you hurt my family and my friend Shiv… You can try whatever you like. Shiv comes out of the car and asks what’s going on. He says he forgot his phone. Shakti says I will help you, so they both go in. Rimjhim looks at Keertan sadly, and Manorama sees him.

Shakti and Shiv are currently searching for Shiv’s misplaced phone. The latter appears to be concealing it in his hands. Shakti expresses her surprise, questioning how Shiv could have forgotten his phone. She mentions the possibility of him having a poor memory. This triggers something in Shiv’s mind, causing him to recall the incident. Shakti then asks if he is hiding something from her, adding that his memory may not be reliable. The tension escalates as Shiv begins trembling, unaware that Manorama is secretly witnessing everything from her hiding spot. When Shakti finally spots the phone in Shiv’s grasp, she playfully questions if his brain has stopped functioning correctly. In response, a serious and slightly annoyed Shiv advises her against making light of brain and memory-related matters.

Shakti mentioned that you could not recall where you met Ranjan, so I made a joke. My apologies for that. Shiv reassures her not to apologize and reminds her of his earlier warning not to do it. Shakti admits to causing hurt and feels the need to apologize. Shiv worries about Shakti discovering the truth about him and how she might react. She tells him not to worry if he cannot remember Ranjan. Shiv assures her not to worry. He will remember eventually. Manorama arrives and informs them that their family is waiting for them. Shakti suggests that he leave, but Shiv insists on returning before time. He embraces Manorama before departing, and Shakti bursts into laughter.

You are being shameless. I told you to avoid him, but you are sticking with him. Shakti asks what I did wrong, and he takes me as a friend.

Shiv arrives and asks who Mandira wants to kill. Mandira is stunned.

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