Shiv Shakti (Zee) 16th October 2023: Secrets Unveiled in the Record Room

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

A dark room greets Shiv and Shakti as they enter. Shakti sneezes. There are records everywhere in the room. Mandira tells Keertan they will find Shiv and Shakti in the old factory record room. The red file contains everything that happened six years ago, this family, the reason we blamed Gaitri for the fall. If it is revealed, everything I have built will be over. Shiv and Shakti look through multiple files.

Shiv instructs Shakti to check the other side while Mandira, watching the security cameras, becomes frightened upon seeing the red file. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, she exclaims that they must take action. Keertan suggests calling the guard and kicking out the person responsible. Still, Mandira reminds him that Shiv is both the owner and Managing Director of the company, making it unlikely for him to take such drastic measures. She advises him to think before speaking and decides to handle the issue herself. Keertan offers to accompany her, but she insists on fighting her battle and asks him to rest for tomorrow. To make matters worse, she laments being unable to reveal what is contained in that file to Shiv.

Shiv and Shakti checked multiple files. Shakti says there is no numbering. No one can find anything here. He thinks we should take it as an assignment. Start numbering them. Mandira gets ready to leave. Bhagwati asks where she is going. Mandira says I can’t sit like this until we find Shiv. Bhagwati says Shakti is with him. Mandira says how can I stay calm after what happened. I’m worried about Shiv and Shakti; we’re also responsible for her.

“Do not fret, Padma. Your mother’s instinct is correct. Shiv is in the company of Shakti, and no harm can come to him while she is by his side. As a mother myself, I understand Mandira’s worries for her son. Gaitri and I share that same maternal pain. I cannot abandon my child in such a situation. Maa, I must search for them,” Mandira declares with determination. Bhagwati expresses concern, asking where she will go alone. “Do not worry, Bhagwati. Kamal will accompany me,” responds Mandir confidently to her friend’s suggestion. “I will also join you,” adds Kamal, offering his support to the worried mother. Assuring everyone she can handle everything, Mandira leaves to begin her search for Shiv and Shakti.

The storeroom has nothing. Shiv says you taught me never to lose hope. There is nothing there. She says we have three hours left. How did you give up? When I came in, did you sit there all defeated, like you had lost all hope? Shiv recalls the past. She says I could not ask you. What happened? Why were you in such a state? He says we have to look for Ranjan’s file right now.

Mandira is on her way. She is angry. She says it all happened because of Shakti. Shiv says we need to focus on the file. Shakti says I will ask you all the questions once we find this file. For now, Shakti says to work on that file. In her opinion, Mandira cannot expose me. I want to expose Shiv. If they get that file, the game is over for me.

Manorama has been consumed with thoughts of Shiv lately. She knew she had one responsibility: to talk to Shakti. However, she regrets saying hurtful things to him. Feeling the need to make things right, she heads towards Rimjim’s room, where Shakti and Shiv go through files. Time is running out for her as she only has a few hours before being forced into marriage with Ranjan. Manorama catches Rimjim putting pillows on the bed and assures her that Shiv and Shakti are peacefully asleep. As Shakti continues looking through files while standing in front of the red one, Mandira enters the factory, attempting to open a locker. She is startled when Shakti approaches the file he is inspecting.

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