Suhaagan 23rd November 2023: Bindiya’s Suspicions Rise


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The Episode begins with Baldev asking Indu to be careful and says Bindiya shall not doubt. Indu says my grandson will be more valuable than Babu. She asks him not to stop him from celebrating this happiness. Baldev says he would have been happy if Bindiya had been pregnant. Krish gives them bonus envelopes, and Gagan asks Krish to celebrate Diwali with Bindiya.

Bindiya wants Krish to make a heart with her with a cracker. Krish refuses. Pankaj tells him to do it. Krish and Bindiya rotate the phooljadi as if making a heart. Sakshi cries and tells Vikram that Krish’s marriage to Payal and Bindiya has destroyed her life. As Payal and Bindiya have stayed away from the family, Krish asks them to burn the crackers with them.

She tells Payal that she bought a chair for her so that she can sit and tells her that smoke is harmful to babies. Then she sees Bindiya and tells her that it is terrible for the liver as they burn the crackers. Nidhi coughs. Pankaj asks her what happened to him. Nidhi taunts him for questioning her while she coughs. Bindiya goes to get Nidhi some water. He says that you have never had a problem with smoke before.

On her first Diwali with the baby, Payal tells Krish she wants this to be a memorable occasion. She tells Krish she has been gathering information about her foetus since she discovered she was pregnant, and she says you can bond with our baby from its first day. Krish asks if that’s true. Payal keeps his hand on her stomach and asks him to wish the baby a happy Diwali.

Krish greets the baby, wishing them a happy Diwali, and affectionately rests his head on Payal’s stomach. Bindiya observes them from a distance and echoes Payal’s sentiment about eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby’s Papa. She then requests Krish to kiss the baby before he leaves to answer Vikram’s call. As Krish walks away, Payal gazes at Bindiya, who wipes her tears and heads to the kitchen. Payal realizes that Bindiya is not suffering from memory loss but has played a manipulative game.

Payal approaches Bindiya and reminds her of the recent incident where she was seen trying to win over Krish with her charm and flower necklace. She questions if something hurt her deeply, noticing Bindiya’s anxious demeanour as if she has been caught in a lie. Payal speculates that Bindiya must have witnessed Krish’s love for her and couldn’t handle being ignored. She adds that even if Bindiya had lost her memory, she would have lashed out or snapped at Payal. Payal advises Bindiya to improve her lying skills, calling her dishonest. In response, Bindiya defends herself by pointing out that her lies are nothing compared to what Payal said about being pregnant. She asserts that she has cared for Bindiya like a mother and can always read her emotions accurately.

My memory will be restored when your lie is exposed, she says. I understand that you are faking to be pregnant. Nidhi calls Payal, and she wonders why she is calling. Bindiya goes from there. Payal answers Nidhi’s call, and she tells Bindiya she will be there soon. Bindiya believes Payal is playing a big game with her.

Nidhi tells Payal to schedule an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and mentions that she has vomited a lot today. Nidhi says but. Nidhi says you are stealing my pregnancy as a lottery, and I am bearing all the pain. Payal says she doesn’t know if she is okay. Payal calls the doctor for an appointment for Payal Shukla. Bindiya hears the last thing and tells Pankaj.

Krish asks Bindiya to keep his jacket and says he will wear it. Bindiya makes him wear it and hugs him. Rang de mohe tu piya plays….Krish becomes upset. He sees Payal standing outside and signing him to come. Bindiya asks if you need anything. Krish says nothing. Payal asks him to come. In his office bag, Krish instructs Bindiya to keep her laptop and charger. Bindiya says ok, I’ll keep them.

As he approaches Payal, Krish tells her not to come into the room and to message him instead. Krish says you are forgetting that I am pregnant. She says he would have scheduled an appointment with the doctor, but he doesn’t care. Krish apologizes and says he didn’t think about all this. He says he will make an appointment for her with the best doctor. She says she has already scheduled the appointment.

It is Bindiya who comes there and says, Doctor. She asked what had happened to you and if you were not okay. She says you would have told me why you are troubling Krishna ji. Krish says he is her jiju. She says you are your jiju, and Payal is your mischievous sister-in-law. She tells Payal she is just acidic. She asks Krish to go and tells Payal she is saying bye to her jiju.


Payal seems familiar with the nurse. Payal removes her mask, and Krish sees Bindiya in a nurse uniform. Bindiya informs Krish that Nidhi is pregnant, not Payal.

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