Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th December 2023: Rimjhim’s Desperate Act and Shakti’s Resolve

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Manorama prays for her daughters and emphasizes their strength lies in their unity as they all perform the pooja together. Shakti decides to call Rimjhim and goes to her room, asking her to open the door. Manorama dismisses the situation, saying it’s okay if Rimjhim doesn’t care about her family. Inside the room, Rimjhim is preparing a noose to take her own life. Shakti, worried and about to leave, hears a noise and rushes back, knocking on the door and screaming. She opens the window and sees Rimjhim hanging from the ceiling, screams for her, and jumps into the room. The entire family rushes to the scene.

Shakti grasps Rimjhim in her arms as Manorama stands in shock at the sight of Rimjhim suspended. Without hesitation, Dharam jumps in and joins Shakti to bring her down safely. Overcome with emotion, Manorama cries out for Rimjhim to awaken. However, she remains motionless, causing Manorama to break down in despair. Shakti reaches out and feels a pulse, assuring everyone that Rimjhim is alive but needs urgent medical attention. Dharam takes charge and rushes her to the hospital while the rest of the family follows closely behind. In a phone call to Mandira, the nurse informs her that Rimjhim has been admitted as a suicide case. An angered Mandira tells Keertan that she had warned him this would happen.

Taking Rimjhim to the OT, Shakti tells the doctor to save her. She cries and recalls her moments with Rimjhim. Shiv feels something is wrong and says, I feel like my loved one is hurt. Shiv calls Shakti, but Manorama tells her not to take it. Shiv says she must be sleeping. If I am restless, then something must be wrong. As Shakti cries, she tells Manorama that she feels helpless.

I told Keertan to tell Rimjhim he would die without her, and it worked on her. Mandira says her brain works full-time, and when we love someone, we notice everything about them. Keertan asks what if she dies? Mandira says you wanted to be free from her, so it’s okay, but I know Shakti will save her, and she won’t let anything happen to her. Everyone had taken Shakti’s side in the past, but now Shiv will force Shakti into marriage.

Rimjhim’s friend Chandini asks Manorama if her daughters are okay. Manorama says she doesn’t have daughters, so she goes crazy and says she couldn’t be a good mother, so this is why I am suffering. Shakti tries to soothe her, but Manorama says Rimjhim thinks I don’t love her if I love you; what can I do to make my daughters understand that you both are my responsibilities, but I am failing? She hugs her and tells her that she didn’t forget.

Manorama suggests that she will win and secure her daughter’s life by marrying Shiv. According to her, Shiv profoundly loves and cares for Shakti, and their friendship would make their marriage successful. Despite Shiv trying to contact Shakti, Shakti ignores his calls. However, Manorama believes that his concern shows his emotional connection with Shakti. Shakti prioritizes discussing Rimjhim’s situation, but Manorama emphasizes that marrying Shiv is the only way to save her daughter’s life. Shakti remains silent and pensive.

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