Main Hoon Saath Tere 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Sacrifice for Janvi and Kian

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 14th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Her gold is given to Aryaman, telling him Muralidhar (Aryaman in disguise) has told her he will return home because floods have destroyed his house. She says she is giving him this gold to help him out. Aryaman thinks he can’t take it because she saved it for Kian’s future. Janvi insists, reminding him that he saved Kian by exposing Sadhu and that she is grateful for his life. Aryaman wants to tell Janvi the truth, but Kian interrupts and takes him away.

Reva is drinking tea with Ujwala when Pushkar arrives. He asks Reva what she is doing there. When Ujwala notices Pushkar, she pulls Reva into her room and warns her that Pushkar is here. Reva fears Pushkar won’t let her work if he sees her. After hearing Ujwala’s advice, Reva agrees to change into normal clothing.

Ujwala then asks Pushkar if he came to pick up a parcel from Raina. Ujwala sees Suhasini approaching and sends Reva away. Pushkar believes Reva must not know about the parcel since it contains Raina’s payment for his dirty work against Janvi. Pushkar lies, saying he only came to thank Raina for saving Janvi.

After Raina announces to the audience that she will host the final round, a tug-of-war, she invites Rathore, a bodybuilding champion, and Aryaman to the stage. During the tug-of-war, Aryaman is injured.

Raina and Abhay stuck A shard of glass on one side of the rope to injure Aryaman. Janvi and Kian try to stop him from continuing, but Aryaman overcomes the pain and wins.

During this time, Suhasini looks for Reva to assist Prince. Ujwala tells Suhasini that she sent Reva away because Prince wasn’t there. When Suhasini makes a snide comment about Reva and decides to call her, Ujwala interrupts, asking her for 4 lakh rupees to pay the workers. Because Nish hasn’t arranged the money, Suhasini lies and says she has important work to do before leaving.

When Aryaman receives his prize, Bhushan tells him he must leave for Australia that night. Aryaman says he will only go if Kian is readmitted to school and Janvi is rehired. After hearing this, Brij Bhushan announces that Kian will be readmitted to the school and Janvi will be his assistant.

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