Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Manisha’s Decision Shocks the Family

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Swara and Tanvi arriving at Manisha’s side, providing her with comfort and support. As Swara expresses gratitude towards Manisha for helping her win the family’s affection, Tanvi shares her experience of how Manisha had also aided her. Touched by their words, Manisha cries as they embrace her and offer her food. Meanwhile, Mauli observes the heartwarming scene with a smile on her face. Despite all this, Hari comes across some old pictures of Manisha and expresses his opinion that separating her from Karan would be unjust. At the same time, Manoj agrees that Janki’s decision is not the right one. However, Hari also acknowledges Janki’s concerns for Manisha’s future and predicts that Suprabha will make life difficult for her.

Manoj inquires if there is any possibility for Suprabha’s relationship to take place apart from this challenging one. Hari responds by saying there might be a way, but it may not be easy. Manoj encourages him to share the details. Hari explains that if Suprabha can let go of past conflicts and agree to an alliance, they can try convincing Janki. However, he acknowledges that this seems like an impossible task. Manoj understands that Manisha and Karan’s love story might have ended. Later, Rahul and Mauli speak to Karan over the phone. Karan informs them that he plans to return to Delhi as he sees no hope for their situation and thanks them for trying. Disappointed, Rahul asks what their next step should be. Mauli suggests brainstorming ideas with him. He asks her about the person she loves, suspecting her of having feelings for someone else. She denies it, but he doesn’t believe her and gently stops her from denying it further. Meanwhile, “Tu thodi der….plays…”

He inquires about the identity of the man. She responds, “It’s you.” He is taken aback. She laughs and jokes, “I know you have a girlfriend.” Swara looks after Ajay while Jyoti offers to apply the ointment. Akshay declines, but Manoj helps him instead. Just then, Mauli arrives and informs them that Manisha is not opening the door. They all rush to see her, and Manoj asks, “Where is she?” Mauli points in a direction, and they notice that Manisha is disoriented. Mauli urges them to help Manisha before she harms herself. Manoj reassures her they will support Manisha, and Mauli suggests finding a solution together. They all agree to convince Manisha to seek help.

In the morning, Manisha overhears Vijay and her brothers engaged in a heated conversation about fixing a dupatta. Mauli and Swara observe the scene in which Manisha becomes emotional upon hearing her brothers’ voices. She tells them that she no longer needs the dupatta, but Vijay insists that she still needs it. Despite their efforts to explain, Manisha asks what their next step should be. Manoj suggests that Hari said if Suprabha apologizes, Janki will agree and tell Manisha to say yes for Karan’s sake. After some hesitation, Manisha finally agrees, much to their delight, as they break into a dance. Rahul reminds them of the situation’s urgency, and Mauli reminds them of the next step in their plan. Without wasting any time, Manoj calls Suprabha.

Ajay calls Suprabha and asks her to be present for a meeting. Suprabha agrees but asks that Manoj come alone. Mauli, however, insists on joining them, suspecting Suprabha may have ulterior motives. After some persuasion, Manoj agrees to bring Mauli along, and they both leave. As they depart, Suprabha instructs the servants to prepare food for their guests. During the meeting, Manoj brings up the topic of Karan and Manisha’s alliance and suggests putting past issues behind them. Suprabha agrees but with one condition – she will only visit his home if he meets her requirements first.

Mauli worries. She says, “You have beaten Vicky up in the market, so you need to apologize to him.” Vijay says we shouldn’t have sent Manoj alone. Akshay says Suprabha is thinking something. Ajay reminds them to think positively. Mauli says you could have told us you called us to take revenge. You know it was Vicky’s mistake; he was misbehaving with Narayan Dadu. Manoj says calm down. Suprabha says, “You decide.”


Janki and Rahul get shocked. Mauli cries. Manoj apologizes to Suprabha.

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