Main Hoon Saath Tere 31st May 2024 Written Episode: Janvi’s Struggles, Aryaman’s Resolve, and Family Tensions Unfold

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 31st May 2024 Written Episode Update on

When Kian asks Janvi where they are going, Janvi tells him the shops are closed today, and Janvi suggests they play hide and seek. Instead of taking notes on the proposals, Aryaman attempts to delete the video of Janvi’s arrest during a meeting.

After Kian says he needs water, Janvi agrees to get it and leaves her phone with him. At the shop, she finds out her arrest video has gone viral. Worried, she rushes back to prevent Kian from seeing it. Aryaman hacks the server to delete the video and feels proud of himself. When Janvi gets Kian’s phone, she finds out the video is gone and thanks God.

As Brij Bhushan notices that Aryaman has not written down any proposals or comments, Aryaman silently vows not to disappoint Brij Bhushan. Raina wonders if Brij Bhushan is opening his heart to Aryaman by giving him a chance. He explained that he wanted Aryaman to be close to him so he wouldn’t help Janvi and ruin their family’s reputation. Aryaman overhears this and feels upset.

A visitor arrives to get Brij Bhushan’s signature, but the pen is not working. Raina tries to get it to work by swinging it in the air, but Aryaman sees that the ink is about to spill onto Brij Bhushan. Quickly, Aryaman steps forward and takes the ink spill on himself instead. Afterward, Aryaman hands over the proposals he managed to note and expresses gratitude to Brij Bhushan for the chance to spend time with him before departing.

After what happened, Reva and Dadi worry about Janvi and Kian’s whereabouts. Dadi lights a diya for Janvi. Pushkar arrives and warns them not to help Janvi. As Kian sleeps on a bench, a drunken man approaches and harasses Janvi. Aryaman arrives, drives the man away, and wakes Kian. Kian talks to Aryaman, who convinces Janvi to stay with him since they have nowhere else to go.

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