Main Hoon Saath Tere 16th May 2024 Written Episode: Janvi’s Encounter with Raina and Aryaman

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 16th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Muralidhar takes a cake, telling Prince to stop running around Murali and come to his real Mamu after Janvi notices Prince calling Aryaman “Mamu.” Raina sends the driver away, and Muralidhar takes the cake. To take Prince away, Muralidhar runs into Raina, who instructs the driver to take Prince. Raina ignores Aryaman and calls for Sadhu, the General Manager. She asks Sadhu to line up all the servants and why Janvi isn’t standing in line. Raina ignores Aryaman and calls for Sadhu.

As Raina accuses Janvi of making her son Kian become friends with Prince to get him into the cricket academy, Janvi defends Kian, saying he would never do such a thing. Raina continues to scold her while Kian watches through the window. To keep Kian from worrying, Janvi smiles despite being scolded. Raina notices Janvi’s unpolished nails and scolds her again, polishing them herself. Raina warns Janvi and leaves. Abhay sees Aryaman, and Raina takes Abhay away.

Especially to Brij Bhushan, Abhay wonders why Raina keeps Aryaman’s presence a secret. Raina believes the truth should be revealed dramatically so Brij Bhushan will cut Aryaman out of his will. Because Ujwala cannot have children, Prince will be the only heir.

A doctor advises Ujwala that she can’t conceive naturally and should consider IVF. Suyesh worries about Ujwala’s health and opposes the idea, but Ujwala insists, and the doctor agrees.

Kian sees Aryaman struggling and asks Janvi to help him. Janvi shows Aryaman how to hit a nail while standing on a ladder but falls. Aryaman catches her, and Kian watches.

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