Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2024: Armaan’s Conflict and Abhira’s Struggles

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Armaan is asked if he has spoken to Ruhi. He replies, no, but he promises he’ll bring her back. Madhav stops him. He says it is not Armaan’s responsibility. Ruhi is Rohit’s wife. Vidya says not to talk between mother and son. He says I can see a son, but not a mum. She says I can give my life for my son. He asks which son, Armaan or Rohit. She says you mean I didn’t love Armaan? I have always loved him.

You and Maasa gave him love as a favour, constantly reminding him to obey and do what you say. He has sacrificed everything to become a good son and grandson, and you know this. You use him to ruin his happiness. Armaan says to stop it. Madhav says congratulations, Vidya; you have succeeded in making him your puppet.

As Armaan throws the vase, he says, “My mum is my Lord, and I am willing to sacrifice my life and happiness for her.” Vidya cries. Armaan defends her. Ruhi comes home crying. She sees Manish. She hides, thinking he is already worried. I cannot make him more anxious. Manish comes to the door.

Armaan comes to his room. He asks Abhira to focus on her studies. He lies down to sleep. Abhira sees him messaging Ruhi. She argues with him. He rests on the couch. We will perform puja for you tomorrow in the temple. Be ready on time. The therapist calls and asks why you didn’t come. She warns Ruhi not to get used to pain. It is early in the morning.

The temple is where Abhira prays for Yuvraj to be punished. Ruhi also prays. Pandit gives them Prasad. Suwarna collides with Abhira. Suwarna scolds Abhira. Abhira says she’s sorry. Surekha also argues and stops Abhira. Abhira says I have to go for imp work. The file falls into the havan kund and burns. Abhira cries. She takes the file. Ruhi says the hand will burn. Abhira shouts to stay away. She cries, seeing the burned papers.

As Manish enters, the manager asks him if he has seen Abhira. Charu responds with uncertainty and states her intention to assist their boss. She then proceeds into the cabin but unfortunately falls. Meanwhile, Armaan decides to send a message to Ruhi. He wishes Abhira good luck with her exams. Upon receiving his message, Abhira heads to college but encounters a problem when the lady informs her that the file is burnt and she cannot take the exam. Refusing to give up, Abhira explained that she had the same assignment on her laptop and requested an hour to write the exam. However, the lady dismisses her with claims of disturbing others and warns that she could face suspension for a month if she persists. Despite this, Abhira pleads with the lady and mentions it as her late mother’s dying wish before being threatened again by the lady to leave immediately or face disciplinary action.

Dev Shikhawat greets Abhira and holds her hand. She gets up and says sorry, sir. I’m not Abhira; I’m Charu. He asks for tea or coffee. She says sorry. He jokes. She says tea, please. He asks her for a seat. Their conversation takes place. Abhira comes home. Armaan says I got staplers as a gift for you. He asks why she didn’t do well on the test. She recalls. She gets a call. He says your phone is ringing.

Armaan asks Abhira if she is okay, what happened, and she says stop asking me, go and ask Ruhi and Surekha, why did they burn my assignment file. He is shocked.


Armaan asks Ruhi to come home, and Abhira takes flowers for him. She is shocked to see Armaan hugging Ruhi.

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