Dabangii 1st December 2023: Zai’s Birthday Drama and Ankush’s Secrets Unfold

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The Episode begins with Arya singing a lullaby and sleeping. Ankush goes to see her. Baba signs it’s okay. Ankush gets sad and holds Arya. Bela looks on and goes. Ankush says Bela is questioning a lot. Bela wonders what Ankush has to do with Arya. After recalling Kasturi’s words, Bela apologizes. The lady asks Satya to defame Ankush and take the party ticket. Satya says okay and says you will call me Satya Bhau someday. Then he hears Kasturi and goes to see.

A kitty party is on the way. Satya greets the ladies and invites them. They leave. He asks what’s going on, kitty party. Kasturi says it’s unique; trust me, it’s for your work. He says hurry up, Mrs. Rao called and said we have to slander Ankush, I need the party tickets as soon as possible. She says just sometime, and there will be a big drama. Aai hears them and says Kasturi is a drama queen, and Satya hides a lot from me. She asks the servants to hurry up. Maina returns to Aa.

Aai trusts Satya with everything and affectionately embraces Maina. She mentions that something is happening, but Kasturi refuses to share details. Aai urges Maina to uncover the truth and informs her that Satya is in the study room. Meanwhile, Kasturi tasks Maina with distributing party invitations. Curious, Maina asks if there’s something special planned between Satya and Aai. Kasturi clarifies that it’s just a farewell party, as Satya had visited an old age home but insists on keeping it a secret from Aai. Bela offers some kheer to Zai, who excitedly runs off. Arya watches on and recalls Damini’s past.

As Maina embraces Aai, she expresses her sadness at their impending separation. She reveals that Satya has found an old age home for Aai and that they are throwing a farewell party in her honour. Maina promises to visit her every day. However, Aai dismisses her plans as foolish. Kasturi then arrives with gifts for Zai and sings birthday songs for her. The gifts overjoy Zai and thank Kasturi profusely. Meanwhile, Arya assures everyone that he has no intention of leaving. Shortly after, Ankush joins them and admires the gifts. As Zai opens them, Kasturi reminds everyone that Ankush cannot take away their right over Zai. She proudly announces the grand party they planned for Zai at a location suitable for Ankush and Baba to attend. They will have fun playing games and cutting cake together.

Kasturi says yes to Zai’s invitation. Arya dances and argues with Kasturi. “Don’t drag your family into our fight. We are bonding well. We’ll celebrate Zai’s birthday together,” Kasturi says. It’s fine for Zai’s happiness if Zai and Arya’s tension gets less. Bela hugs Kasturi and thanks her. Kasturi says it’s okay. She smiles. When getting ready, Zai presents the dress to Bela. Bela hugs her. Arya recalls Damini.

She cries. Ankush sees Arya sad. He applies a black dot to her. Bela watches. Ankush presents silver earrings to Zai. Zai says it’s silver. I thought you’d get gold earrings, but this is good, too, thanks. Ankush hugs Zai. As they go out, Aai asks what’s going on. Kasturi replies to Zai’s birthday party planning. But what are you planning, you have love for Zai, but you don’t have a big heart, Aai asks.

In a drama, Kasturi is doing. Aai tells her to stop. Tanmay arrives. Kasturi tells Tanmay to do whatever she tells him, and then they will get revenge on Arya. Aai observes as Bela gives Arya bangles, too. She says sorry, it’s old, but Arya hugs her and says it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, it’s good, thank you. Bela hugs her, too.

Zai says wow, it’s my party. Ankush asks what’s going on here. Jaanrao says I have permission, move the tempo. Jaanrao says Satya values the law, so you know that. Ankush checks the paperwork. Jaanrao says Satya did this for me. He comes. Ankush sees him and thinks I won’t leave you. Satya says I’ll stain your reputation and get the ticket.


It is Zai’s birthday. Arya says my dad is a policeman. Kasturi scolds her. Arya shouts Dad… Ankush shouts don’t touch my daughter. Kasturi and Satya target Ankush.

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