Jhanak 15th January 2024: Anirudh’s Race Against Time to Save Jhanak

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We have to save Anirudh’s life because her villagers are bad. We have to save her. Chotan asks why you haven’t told me before. Anirudh says we don’t have time, if anything goes wrong, I can’t forgive myself, so I’ll call the police, please help. I’ll come, Chotan says. He hires a taxi and leaves. Jhanak reaches the bus stop. Tejas calls Kaka and threatens him.

I have to leave this city, Kaka says. Tejas says Jhanak has come to become my wife as she wishes. She knows well that I will make her queen. Kaka asks what you will do, and there is no flight. Tejas says you do not have the status to know my plan. Anirudh talks to the inspector. He tells him about Tejas. If not, he will contact his superiors.

The inspector says the team has been sent, and if Jhanak tells us she is going by her wish, the case will be closed. Anirudh says fine. Jhanak asks a man for directions to the hotel. The man guides her. Anirudh thinks to herself, “Don’t worry about me. Fate will handle me.” Chotan finds Jhanak there. He shouts at her and asks her to stop. She rushes. When he stops her, he asks, “Where are you going? You can’t go there, come home with me,” she responds.

Anirudh kneels in prayer, engaging with his inner self as he contemplates reaching Jhanak’s side. However, Chotan accuses him of deceit and packing his bags to leave with another man. In response, Jhanak breaks down, pleading not to return home and instead let her go. Despite the danger, Anirudh cautions against taking risks, and Tejas anxiously awaits Jhanak’s arrival. But she lies to Chotan, and he reprimands her for betraying their family ties, reminding her of their kinship and urging her to come with him. Yet she persists, refusing to go with him and making a run for it.

He can’t find her this time. Tejas smiles at Jhanak and says I won’t let her go. Chotan calls Anirudh and says I was unable to stop her. He sees Jhanak with Tejas and tells him. My dream is to spend a night together at the hotel. Anirudh says to Chotan, do anything, but don’t let them go; stop them. Tejas thinks I will start loving you. Jhanak says stop the nonsense, I’m ready to go. He says I’m in a hurry more than you.

The police stop Tejas as he drives hurriedly. Tejas asks Jhanak to come. Chotan thinks he will stop them. Anirudh comes there and sees Tejas. The inspector asks whether you are Tejas. Tejas says you made a mistake and paid a high price for it. Anirudh says he isn’t afraid of your threats.

The inspector asks Jhanak if it is true that she is my future wife. Jhanak says yes, and Tejas smiles.


When Anirudh gets Jhanak home, Shrishti asks Jhanak for her husband’s number. Anirudh says he has it. Arshi argues. She says let’s call him immediately. Jhanak worries.

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