Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 16th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s Shocking Revelation

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 16th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Manri informs Nandini that they have gone into the room to talk about Kaku Bai’s nephew’s admission. When Manri stops her by complaining about Mitesh and his friend, Nandini is about to enter the room. Nandini says he will give it to them both in the room. Mitesh hears that Kaku Bai is threatening Ishwar’s uncle but then agrees to provide them with fifteen more days, and Mitesh is worried.

In the evening, Nandini helped Hetal Baa by applying oil and even gave her the oil she had brought from Rajkot. She mentioned that she needed to leave soon, as Bapu Ji had instructed her to return before it got too late. Manri assured her that she could leave whenever she wanted. When Mitesh questioned why they needed to stop Nandini from leaving, Ishwar took him aside and revealed the truth. As Nandini arrived and asked where they had gone, Manri explained that she had promised Nandini could perform the Arti once she returned from her In-Laws’ house. With that, Manri led Nandini inside.

As Mitesh questions Ishwar about why he is stopping Nandini from going to the farm, Ishwar takes Mitesh’s marker and asks him to write it on the paper. Mitesh does not understand what he is asking and replies that they must reach the farm before Nandini.

As Nandini is performing the arti, Manri stands behind her. Ishwar asks Mitesh if he can do it, and then they secretly leave the house while both still perform the arti. Ishwar asks if Mitesh took the keys to the scooter. Mitesh questions if Nandini reaches the farm, then she will find the whole truth; Mitesh cannot understand, so Ishwar promises he will tell the whole truth as soon as Nandini reaches Rajkot.

After telling Manri that her vow has been fulfilled, Nandini calls both Ishwar and Mitesh to come out because she is running late; Manri says they may have gone outside for schoolwork. Nandini agrees with Manri that she should visit the farm when she returns.

Ishwar asks Mitesh to stop the scooter and then asks if Ishwar has hired the guard. But Ishwar starts taking Mitesh from the backside toward the well. After reading the board, he reveals the farm belongs to Arjun Khemji. Ishwar asks Mitesh for the glue, telling him he will tell the truth.

In response to Mitesh’s question, Ishwar asks Mitesh to apply the paper to the board, and Nandini urges Shiv to take the car toward the farm after seeing the scooter. In response to Nandini’s question about what Ishwar and Mitesh are doing at the farm and whether she should have brought her, Mitesh asks what he should say, and Ishwar replies he felt Nandini would come to meet her mother, so he brought Mitesh.

When Nandini sees the board, she is delighted to learn about it and asks why Ishwar hired the security guard. The guard says Khemji hired him, and the board was not read. Nandini says the guard should have read it, and Ishwar requests that the guard listen to him, but the guard tears the paper. Nandini reads that someone else placed the board. She turns in shock towards Ishwar, who cannot even speak.

According to Nandini, Ishwar knew her plans to visit the farm before he left. This is why he left a sheet with his name on it. She believes Ishwar should have been honest and admitted selling sentimental items to her mother. Mitesh also confronted Ishwar about this, pointing out that the house had already been used as collateral, and the farm had also been sold. Mitesh informed Nandini that he learned the truth in the evening when their aunt and uncle were in the room. He expressed disappointment that Ishwar did not disclose losing his job to her.

In her opinion, people are right to say that daughters become strangers after marriage, and she wonders why she had to be married this way since he taught her not to spend beyond her family’s limits, and the rest of her family is always kind to her. Manri asks Nandini to stop saying she doesn’t know what they all asked for. Manri says she will tell the truth, then Nandini asks Manri what they’ve asked for that she’s unaware of, and she makes Manri swear to be honest.

Manri reveals that HemRaj’s greed knew no bounds as he not only took the farm from them but also robbed her uncle of his dignity. She explains that when Ishwar went to propose Nandini’s hand in marriage, HemRaj cunningly extracted the farm without any compensation and later sold it to Arjun Khemji. Nandini recalls overhearing HemRaj discussing the land that very morning. Moreover, Manri discloses their unreasonable demand for twenty-five tola gold and a luxurious hotel. As Nandini absorbs this shocking truth, she reflects on how she had fervently argued against people’s accusations that HemRaj accepted dowry from her family.

Nandini sits on the floor, reflecting on when she questioned Ishwar’s tense demeanor. She inquires about his motives for causing her mother’s death and arranging her marriage to a family that demands dowry. Manri responds by stating that he did it out of love for Nandini, as the person she loves also belongs to that family. Nandini expresses frustration over their belief that she could be happy while they all suffer. She adds that Ishwar faced consequences for his deeds, and now it is Bapu jee’s turn to either make amends or face punishment. In a fit of anger, Nandini storms out without hearing further explanations.

Naren is anxiously waiting for Nandini outside the house. As he sees the car approaching, he rushes towards her. He inquires about what Nandini had mentioned earlier regarding Bapu jee taking dowry from Ishwar uncle. In response, she confirms that it is true, seeing that Arjun Khemji now owns the farm. She then states that she only has two questions for him. First, if he was aware of Bapu Ji’s actions. Naren swears to her that he did not know Bapu jee taking dowry from Ishwar. This eases Nandini’s mind, and she asks her second question: Will he support her in her future endeavors? At this point, Naren becomes concerned and pulls his hand away while looking at the emotional Nandini.


HemRaj, according to Nandini, took the dowry as he even took the farm and house that had been put as collateral. HemRaj replies that he took it, but what can Nandini do? She angrily replies that she wants the dowry back, which shocked the Ratansi family members.

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