Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Faces Hostility, and Ishan Supports Her


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Durva tells Surekha, she will make Savi’s life miserable, whether anyone helps her or not; she will demonstrate Savi’s place during the college’s cultural festival. In response to Mandar’s question, Surekha says she will support Durva in everything she does. Samrudh says he will punish Savi for every lash she receives and make her life miserable.

Mandar says he will get Savi killed by someone. Samrudh tells him not to do that, and he will torture her until she pleads for death. Mandar asks how he will do that. Samrudh says he will attack where it hurts most. Durva tells Surekha that Savi shouldn’t have ruined her happiness so that Savi will face her hatred now. Surekha says even if she needs to avenge Savi and Isha, she will support Durva in her fight.

Anvi tells Ishan that Savi is a fighter who fights for justice without thinking about consequences. Looking at her parent’s photo, Savi says Ishan trusted and supported her when everyone was against her. He is different. Ishan tells Anvi that Durva has troubled Savi so much, and even then, she saves Durva’s life. The next morning,

As her lecture today has been delayed, Savi calls Isha and asks if she can meet her. Isha says, let’s have breakfast together. Savi opens the door and is surprised to see Ishan standing there. Ishan thanks her for standing up against everyone and saving Durva’s life despite Durva troubling her so much.

Savi says she just saw a girl in trouble and saved her life. Ishan gifts her flower plants. Savi gets happy and says she loves flower plants. Ishan thinks she can gift one flower plant to Isha as a thank you for exposing Samrudh. He believes he is an expert at sabotaging people’s moods and that she can gift them to Shukla or to anyone she likes. He thinks she can spoil people’s mood. Savi says he can’t even for a few minutes.

Isha thanks Savi for exposing Samrudh. She gifts her a plant. Isha likes it. She says Ishan visited her in the morning and gave her plants; she says when every atom of the universe attempts to reunite a mother-son pair. While Isha knows what Ishan must have said, Savi hopes for the impossible.

Considering Isha’s high position in the education department and her excellent professorship, Savi invites her to judge tomorrow’s cultural festival. Isha says Ishan and Bhosales won’t like it, but Savi tells her not to worry. Nishi invites all guests personally. Yashwant checks the guest list and asks Nishi to review it. Shantanu asks him to review the judges’ list to avoid any confusion later and to remove any names if necessary.

The list contains Isha’s name, making Ishan uncomfortable since he doesn’t have her in college. Yashwant asks him to remove her name. Ishan recalls Savi praising Isha and saying he has no problem with her presence; he just says he doesn’t want her to speak to him. Nishi says her presence would be beneficial since she holds a high post in the education department.

Surekha inquires if the invitation cards for the cultural festival have arrived, as she wishes to extend an invitation to her Maratha acquaintances. Shikha confirms that they have just arrived and are currently in Durva’s possession. She then proceeds to Durva’s room, where she notices Durva filling out the cards with the names “Ishan” and “Savi.” Puzzled, she questions why those names are being used. Durva explains that Isha and Savi now hold power over the Bhosale family; Isha has been invited as a guest of honor at Savi’s request, which Yashwant and Nishi quickly approved. Surekha asserts that she will not allow Isha and Savi entry into the festival venue.

Ishan will act as the host for the event and extend a warm welcome to all in attendance. As the evening progresses, he shares that the marks of the winning team will be included in their final exam scores. Shortly after, he introduced a special guest to award each team mark. Yashwant wonders why Surekha has yet to arrive while she waits patiently for Isha at the college entrance. After acknowledging Durva’s and Savi’s teams, Ishan also announces a graffiti competition during auditions for the college. The group then makes their way to the auditorium, where Yashwant praises Savi for her impressive arrangements, to which she modestly responds that it was a collaborative effort. Making eye contact with Savi, Shantanu nods in approval. Finally, Ishan invites all competitors to display their graffiti art on the walls as they begin their creative journey.

At the college entrance, Surekha stops Isha and tells her she cannot enter. Isha replies it’s her old way of humiliating others if she fails. Surekha argues with her. Isha shows her official invitation with Yashwant and Ishan’s signatures. Surekha refuses to let her in and continues to humiliate her.


Surekha tears the invitation card and says her place in the family is nothing. Ishan holds Savi when she slips.

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