Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd February 2023 Written Update

As Virat can’t stop Sai from staying here, nobody can stop Pakhi from leaving with her son. Pakhi threatens to leave with her son. Virat asks her to listen to him once. Vinu rushes and hugs Pakhi in a panicked state and asks if Savi’s mother will stay here. Virat confirms. Pakhi shouts Virat doesn’t have an answer to Vinu’s question. Sai says she does. Pakhi shouts she doesn’t need Sai’s answer and takes Vinu inside.

With the permission of the family, Sai will stay in the outhouse and slowly remove the poison implanted in Vinu’s mind by Pakhi and others. As Virat says, his daughter shouldn’t live in an outhouse as it’s unfit for her and it’s her right to stay with her family. Despite not having anything when she moved to Kankauli, Sai still built a house there using her hard work; she plans to turn his outhouse into a house.

She packs her suitcase. Virat asks her not to go since Sai will stay in the outhouse. Pakhi says Sai is totally controlling him, and he speaks only in Sai’s favor. Despite Virat’s promise, Pakhi doesn’t trust him because he has broken his promises many times and continues to criticize Virat. Bhavani enters and assures her that she will not let Sai take Vinu away. Sai has treated Vinu’s legs and only she can clear Vinu’s misconception. Pakhi asks if Sai won’t take Vinu away once she clears Vinu’s misunderstanding. Bhavani says she should remember that Sai treated Vinu’s legs.

Pakhi asks what if Sai takes Vinu away even after that. Bhavani says it is up to Pakhi whether she stays or not, but it is clear that Vinu will not leave. Virat asks Pakhi to trust them. Pakhi continues to cry.

Virat takes Savi and Sai to an outhouse. Savi asks how she will stay here, is it not better for them to stay at home? Sai says people will find their presence uncomfortable at home. Virat says he wants to decorate Savi’s room and therefore is moving her here for a while. The place is too dirty for Savi. She climbs a table and cleans dust when she notices a lizard and slips shouting in fear. Virat says they will clean it. Sai says there is no need for that. Savi asks if she is still angry at Baba, she should patch up.

Virat holds her on time. Their eyes lock, and they remember a previous incident. Savi enters and claps. She says that Baba saved Aayi, but that she is afraid of lizards. She asks him to shoo them off. Sai says no need for that when Virat asks what if another lizard barges in from somewhere and Sai shouts again and asks him to shoo off the lizard. Virat asks him to request in a proper way. Sai does. As Virat shoos off the lizard, he plays the hifi with Savi in a funny way.

Virat helps Sai clean the room as Mere Ghum Khushiyan Banjaate Hain plays in the background. Savi enjoys his parents’ company. It brings Bhavani great joy to see Virat happy and recalls Virat’s confession that he can’t live without Sai. She thinks Virat looks so happy with his family. If Vinu joins them, their family will complete. She prays to Bappa to help her in her mission to reunite her son’s family.

In the precap, Virat brings snacks for Sai and Savi and tries to convince Sai to forgive him. Pakhi shouts at Virat that he has already thought of a solution, what will he do?

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