Faltu 20th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 20th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Faltu surprising Ayaan with their tent house. Sid records the video. Ayaan welcomes Faltu. He says we’ll get into our house soon, you deserve the best. They hug. Kanika and Tanu watch the video. I told Janardhan not to enter the house, Kanika says. They think it’s easy to stay in a tent, so the romance will get ruined, Ayaan is used to comfort, so Tanu says don’t call him, let them fix a tent, don’t call him, and they’ll burn their house on their own. I’ll show Faltu her status and prove to Ayaan that Faltu is responsible for all the problems, and then they’ll burn their house.

Faltu runs and screams. She falls into Ayaan’s arms. He teases her. She tells him not to get romantic. He asks why, you’re my wife. She becomes timid. She tells him to stay away until his family accepts me. He says they will not agree, so I will make you a new tent. She beats him and asks him to take his words back. He wears his jacket. I will train you from tomorrow, we have to change everyone’s perceptions. She says I cannot thank Joginder enough.

There is no need to worry about it, you should focus on the cricket. Give your best effort every morning. We will have training every morning. Sleep now. Faltu hears the servants struggling to handle the work. He asks Amar not to worry. The servant thanks Faltu. Amar says she is the elder bahu of this house. Ayaan says it is time for practice.

He says the caretaker is my friend. Amit arrives. Ayaan introduces Faltu. Amit says everything has been arranged. Ayaan thanks Faltu. Dadi eats breakfast and asks if it was made by Faltu.

Amar says she did not come home, Ayaan and Faltu left for cricket practice, and our new cook made the food. Ayaan has done what he promised Faltu, where is Janardhan, does he have work? Govind says yes, he didn’t tell me anything. Savita says he did not tell me anything. Sumitra asks Sid to go to the office, Janardhan needs him.

Zinda hai to…plays… Ayaan gets a call. Faltu asks him to go to work. She says I will go home myself. He asks her to take care. He comes to the office. Janardhan says your shares will be transferred to Sid, and you won’t own any shares.

Janardhan scolds Ayaan. Tanu and Sid smile. Kanika insults Ayaan. Faltu gets tired. She comes home. Ayaan says I have made this company reach heights, will I steal money from it. Kanika says everyone has to follow protocol.

She says fine, relaxes, doesn’t worry, I feel hurt. He says to take the responsibility that Dad has given to you, don’t ruin it.


Sid says Faltu is unlucky for this house. Faltu receives the lotus flowers and faints. Dadi says a snake has bitten her. Ayaan shouts.

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