Faltu 14th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Neil comes to Faltu and says he’ll drop you off at practice. Faltu says she’ll go. He says he’ll drop you off and go to work. If Ayaan does not stop the marriage, I will have to live alone. She says I am not your responsibility, I can take care of myself. He says fine, take a driver. She says I will hire an auto. He says think of my respect, people know we’re getting married. She says people will talk about our plan when it is revealed. She leaves.

Ayaan arrives at the academy and tells Faltu that he has come to honour his promise and begs for her forgiveness. She imagines herself embracing him. The lady informs her that they have been waiting for her and remarks on her record before encouraging to take advantage of this second chance. Faltu overhears some of the girls gossiping in opposition of her, but she remains focused and puts on a good batting display. She thanks Ayaan, who looks elated as Tanu ponders why he is so joyful.

Savita gazes intently. Ayaan conveys that Faltu has excelled at the academy, pleasing the coach and paving the way for her dream to come true. He suggests they should rejoice in her success. Dadi joins the conversation, echoing Ayaan’s sentiment and asserting that they won’t permit Faltu to marry Neil. Ayaan adds that he isn’t prepared for it either. Faltu reflects on Ayaan’s words. Neil enters and proposes a shopping trip, mentioning that his work is finished. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s advice.

The girls notice them and engage in chatter. Faltu suggests heading home, inviting the others to join for a conversation. Ayaan states that the connection between Faltu and himself has concluded. Dadi advises him to embrace Faltu and affirm her significance to him. He chuckles, remarking on Dadi’s indulgence, and takes his leave. Tanu and Savita dispute with Dadi regarding Ayaan’s happiness, but Dadi requests the chance to manage it herself. Dadi ponders whether she genuinely seeks his happiness.

What can you do to change your decision? She says I will forgive him, I will not be happy without him. He says come with me, I will show you his truth, he is selfish. She says enough, he’s not bad. He says go with me and see what he’s doing in sorrow. He calls someone. Tanu and Savita are invited to lunch by Ayaan. Savita says no, and refuses to go without him.

Eventually, she convinces him to join her for the trip. She asks Tanu to contact Sid there. Dadi says it’s not right. Neil says Ayaan is having a breakup party, he’s going to the club. Faltu is shocked. As Ayaan drinks at the bar, he talks to Faltu and asks him to get away from him. He is shocked by Faltu dancing in the pub.


Neil asks Faltu to come on time. Faltu gets a call. Ayaan says don’t sit in the mandap; Neil kidnapped me.


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