Faltu 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

She says Tanisha has called Dad to the office, but why, I find something is wrong, you will go with him, you know he feels defeated, I have a solution. Ayaan asks her to rest. He asks her to go tomorrow. He asks her to rest. She asks him to go tomorrow.

Sid and Tanu come. Janardhan says it’s okay, I’ll have food at the office. Savita asks for breakfast. Amar says Sumitra asked me to make it for Tanu and Sid first. Tanu asks Janardhan if he has food. Savita complains about Sumitra saying this food is for you only. Sid tells Tanu to come, they will go to the office and have breakfast. Janardhan says I’m also going. Savita says don’t go without breakfast. Faltu says I’ll make something for you. He says no need to show pity. He gets dizzy. Ayaan comes and holds him. He says I’ll take you to the office, the driver is on vacation.

In the morning, Faltu remembers Ayaan paying the driver and giving him an off. The guard stops Ayaan. Ayaan asks did you not identify me. The guard apologizes, Kanika and Tanisha asked me not to let you in, sorry. Ayaan speaks to a staff member. He asks what is going on inside.

The guy says something big will happen, it’s all happening secretly, I read Janardhan took retirement, and come back. I don’t like to work these days, everyone’s stressed. Ayaan says don’t worry, Dad has the company’s ten per cent, you never know what will happen. Janardhan comes. Sid sees him and stands up. Tanu asks Janardhan to sit. In response to Janardhan’s question, why did you call me here, I retired. She says Sid is taking care of you and Ayaan’s work. Kanika says it’s just a formality, you retired, and we removed you from the board, so we are removing you from this post. Janardhan is shocked. Kanika asks him to sign the papers.

Faltu calls Ayaan to know what’s up. Savita asks if you talked to him. Faltu says no, he’s not answering. Savita asks if I should call Tanu. Faltu says no. She leaves. Apparently, Savita did not take her medicine, according to Amar. Ayaan says I’m going from here, nobody should know I’m here. The guy agrees. Janardhan is arguing with the board. Kanika says you’ve taken the loan, and you’ve got to surrender the 10 per cent shares. She asks the man to show the papers. As Tanu says, you shouldn’t have any problems handing over the business to the kids. He just needs to sign the papers and leave.

This is not right, you didn’t think about what I will do, my entire family depends on me for everything, what will I do, how will I face them? He cries. Ayaan gets angry and cries. The guard and staff ask if everything is fine. Seeing Ayaan and Janardha’s photo, Savita cries. Faltu comes with food and medicines. Ayaan enters through the front door and barges into the conference room. He stops Janardhan from signing the papers. He tells Savita you aren’t alone, your son is still alive.

She calms Savita. She asks her to have her medicines taken care of. She worries. Sid and Tanu ask Ayaan who has allowed you to come inside. Ayaan shouts at them. Kanika says your dad took the funds, we won’t cheat him. She asks the board members to excuse themselves. Apparently, this has turned into a personal matter for her. She says Ayaan, we are asking him to repay the loans, we could have resolved this in a legal manner. Ayaan says fine, we’ll settle it legally. Dad won’t sign the papers, but he’ll get his 10% share. Janardhan doesn’t need to worry, he says.

I won’t let anyone do me wrong, I’ll call my lawyer first. Tanu says it’s a family matter, don’t involve the lawyer, why can’t you accept that we have a business to handle? It is their agenda, Sid and Tanu got married for this. Sid says enough, you married Faltu so this situation arose, don’t blame me. Ayaan promises Dad, I will make him sit up straight.


Faltu cries and shouts. Tanu says checkmate, and the police arrest Ayaan for theft.

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