Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

I didn’t know you were from this family, otherwise I would have told you the truth, Ajit says in the episode. Aayan says that so much has changed in Faltu’s life, she wanted to become a cricketer, but the academy coach framed her and expelled her. I don’t want more bad things to happen to her. Could you please help me?

I don’t know the truth, she came to my hospital after losing her sight, she had sindoor, but she wants to hide the name of the man who applied it, she is possessive about it, she applies sindoor every day, how do you know her? As Ayaan points out, I told her I would make her a cricketer, I broke up with her husband and got her to Mumbai, and I told her I would support her, but I never imagined that I would become a hurdle.

Ajit asks who filled sindoor in her maang. Faltu overhears. Ayaan says an unfortunate man, who couldn’t tell her he loved her. Faltu asks if he has a plan against me. Ayaan cries and leaves. It hurts my heart to accept that Ayaan can do this. I can’t trust Ayaan, so I have to find another proof. Savita sees Faltu and asks her to keep the vegetables in the refrigerator. Faltu leaves.

As Ayaan recalls Vishal’s words, he gets angry and says, “You applied Sindoor in my name, you tolerated so much. Why didn’t you get hurt?” Having fought the world for me, did you play this dirty game with me? Ayaan says you never blamed me, you tolerated everything alone, Faltu says she is a fool and does not deserve you. You look good with Tanisha, I made myself away from you, I didn’t think you would rob me of my happiness. She says I don’t deserve you.

Aayan makes a promise that he will make Faltu a cricketer, and will not let her tolerate anything alone, and will stand by her because he loves her. Mishra comes and he asks why Rocky behaved rudely. The man says Vishal has come home. Ayaan rushes and collides with Faltu. She angrily leaves. Ayaan asks if everything is okay at the office. Mishra says yes, I came to deliver the work files to you.

Ayaan says you did well to get these documents, I will check it out, thank you, I’m busy with other things. Ayaan asks Faltu to give the files to Tanisha, as it’s important. Faltu checks the bank documents. Tanisha takes the documents. Tanisha asks Faltu to go. Tanisha says she will be careful, Mom, don’t worry.

Kanika scolds Vishal. She asks why he went to his home. He apologizes, and you spoke to me in anger. He asks her what she should do before Faltu leaks the video. It is Kanika’s request that the men find Faltu and where she lives. She asks Vishal to get underground. Vishal says she might give the video to the police or to the media.

No, she won’t do that, you took Ayaan’s name, she won’t defame him. He says she can ask him. She says leave that to me, I don’t want any foolishness. As he leaves, Tanisha keeps the file. Faltu cries and asks why Ayaan cheated him, but I can’t blame him without proof. Ayaan asks how Vishal disappeared. The man says Rajan promised to contact Faltu about another match

In Mittal house, everyone is excited about going to the farmhouse. Faltu sees the time and asks them to focus on food. Faltu thinks she has to go meet the academy girls. Tanisha asks why you are in a hurry, do you want to go somewhere? Ayaan came in late today, he has come, serve him food. Faltu serves the food. Sid asks why are you lost, isn’t counselling helping? Tanisha says he got late today, but he has come, to serve him food.

Sid says it’s fine, I asked him because I worry about him. Tanisha says we have to talk about the trip. Ayaan gets angry at Sid and scolds him. Dadi wonders what’s going on. Ayaan asks for chutney. Faltu passes. The bowl falls. Ayaan asks why are you looking sad? Kinshuk says he has to go meet his girlfriend. Ayaan is shocked.

She cries and thinks my wrong decision can ruin many lives. She prays. Faltu says I don’t have a girlfriend. Ayaan asks what happened to Rocky. In order to meet the girls, she dresses up as Faltu. She assures Sumitra that no one will know who she is. Sid asks Sumitra why he is drinking.

She asks him to come with her. He says he doesn’t know where Faltu is hiding, my men can’t locate her. He breaks the glass in fury. She asks if you’re mad, will you get Tanu if you hurt yourself, I’ll get medicines, stay here. Sid replies that Faltu has the medicines, and nothing will heal until I find her; I don’t know where she is.

Faltu shocks him. He smiles.


Faltu worries when Ayaan says I will get Faltu’s admission. He makes a fake social media page for Faltu. The chawl guy says Ayaan came here to find you.

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