Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in:

Ranbir and his family arrive at the orphanage. Peon says he will call Meera and Satish, who run the Ashram. Dida says hi and keeps her hand on her chest. Aryan and Pallavi become concerned. Ranbir feels Khushi and comes to the garden area of the orphanage. Dida says she says it because she is glad to meet Khushi. Pallavi says you overact a lot. Khushi wonders if Parvati will realize she left her here after she gets home. Ranbir sees her and approaches her.

Ranbir kisses Khushi on the forehead and tells her he will be with her forever and that he will take her home. Khushi says Parvati didn’t take her. Ranbir tells her they will have vada pav at home. Aryan takes Khushi in his arms and tells Ranbir he is called for paperwork. Prachi feels bad. Shahana says everything will be fine. Prachi asks them not to say that, because nothing will be fine.

Dadi says God opens a better door when he closes one. She says go home and think of the other way. Prachi thinks that whenever I feel everything will be fine, and I will bring my daughter home, then why did this happen.

A meeting between Ranbir and Meera occurs. Meera asks Meera to fill out the application. Ranbir asks Meera if I can adopt Khushi. Meera replies that she has met your family, and they are nice. Meera explains that something strange had happened; we couldn’t talk about one parent to another, but a lady came who was good and kindhearted, and she came from a rich family, but…An employee came and told Meera that Satish had given her a file to check.

When Meera asks him to fill out the form, Ranbir waits for her to say. He fills it out and returns it. Meera asks him to write the name of his wife. Ranbir says it’s irrelevant, Meera says it’s important to meet your wife before you get your child. My wife and I are separated, Ranbir says. She says you can’t adopt a girl, leave Khushi. Ranbir says Khushi will receive the love of his family members, and he will marry Rhea soon.

Meera asks him to get married first and then come. She asks someone to call his family and closes the file. He says he will take Khushi today. The moment Rhea heard Ranbir say that Khushi is Panchi, she was happy; it was like a miracle coming true. She feels bad for not telling her sister the truth. As Dadi asks Prachi to come inside for food, Prachi says she’s not hungry. Dadi says if you don’t hear me, I’ll call Rhea. Prachi says no, and says she won’t tell Rhea Khushi is Panchi.

Prachi and Rhea call each other at the same time. Prachi says I can’t tell you the truth, even though you are Panchi’s maasi. Rhea says I called to let you know that….She recalls Ranbir’s swear and stops herself. She tells Prachi she’s missing you and that she’ll see you soon. Rhea ends the call, thinking one side is Ranbir and the other side is Prachi, I love both of them. He says many people adopt children without getting married; he wonders why my marital status matters if I am earning well. Meera calls a guy and asks him to handle the matter.

This is the second case since morning, and even that woman was separated from her husband and I refused her. She says even he is separated. Ranbir says I will get married and you will meet your criteria. Despite the guy’s request, Ranbir refuses to go. He tells him I will not go until I take my daughter from here, and asks who are you to stop me. He says I am Khushi’s biological father, and that I have full rights over her.

As Aryan gives Khushi chocolate, she asks if I’m bad. Pallavi replies no. Khushi says she thought Parvati loved her, but she has forgotten me. Dida says Parvati could forget the world, but not you, because we all love you a lot. Pallavi says we are sorry to leave you here, but we will take you home.

Pallavi says nobody loves me, and Parvati doesn’t love me, and even you will leave me here. She says Maayi didn’t love me like Mumma and God ji left me alone in this world, nobody loves me. Pallavi says we are your family, you are not alone. Khushi asks if I am yours. Pallavi says you were lost in childhood, but now you are united with us. She hugs Khushi and says we are your family, you are our daughter.

Dadi says we will keep you happy always. Pallavi says we all love you a lot. Dida says your papa Ranbir loves you a lot. Aryan says even I love you a lot. She hugs her. Dida says we don’t know about Parvati, but we won’t leave you. Pallavi hugs her and says she will love her very much. Khushi asks them not to leave her alone.

She asks them to come to the office and says it is urgent. Khushi asks them not to go. The lady holds Khushi’s hand and says the girl is not yours yet. Pallavi, Dida, and Aryan are shocked by the lady’s behavior.

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