Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Poorvi and RV’s Unforeseen Challenges

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The Episode starts with Monisha telling Dadi that it is not the rasam that she shouldn’t sit with RV. Dadi asks if you will teach me now. Deepika asks Monisha to get up and says Dadi is right. Let the newlyweds sit together. Monisha looks at RV and gets up. Poorvi says she will bring me a plate. Dadi instructs them to eat together.

He says he used to eat with Dadi from the same plate, so he became mad at her. Poorvi tries to have food with RV. RV asks her to leave the plate. Poorvi says no and says it’s our loss. The food plate falls onto RV. RV asks what did you do? Poorvi says I asked you to have food first, and then I will eat. Dadu says it happens and tells RV to go and change. Poorvi says he’ll bless her because of the food.

Poorvi told Ranbir once that they had a catering business. If the order is given to them, he believes they will also become famous. When he calls Poorvi, he asks how her married life is going. She answers well. Then he asks if RV is troubling her. Poorvi replies no and says she will call him if she has any problems. He says okay and then asks if catering can be done for a wedding. Poorvi asks whose wedding? He says mine.

You joke well, Poorvi says. RV thinks about who she is talking to and leaves. Ranbir asks Poorvi to talk to her mother. Poorvi says we cater to the middle class. Ranbir asks her not to worry and says he will send details. Poorvi says we didn’t get such a big order before and that she’ll call Maa. He asks her to end the call and call her mother. Poorvi believes the media will boost their business, so thank God.

Poorvi asks RV who she is talking to. RV says I am your husband. RV says I need to ask your permission. You were with someone in the room when I went for a while. Poorvi says I remember you are my husband. He says I went to jail. Poorvi says I got you freed. He asks why you are laughing after hurling food at me.

Poorvi asks if I was talking about you and tells me she wasn’t talking about him. During college, he was world-famous. Poorvi says it may be for Monisha because she likes girls. She says she has a lot of work to do and asks him to excuse her. The two of them fall when he holds her hand.

Prachi informs Manpreet that she is figuring out the source of funds for Tashu’s wedding, as asking for an advance wouldn’t be appropriate. Manpreet agrees. Prachi mentions her connection with Tashu and tells Manpreet that she will inform Poorvi about the order. However, Manpreet interrupts, requesting her to call later as Poorvi may be occupied with her in-laws. She encourages Prachi to let Poorvi spend quality time with RV. Prachi expresses her belief that Poorvi has surely won everyone’s hearts by now, to which Manpreet agrees and adds a prayer for their lasting happiness. Prachi further shares her plans for their future, and Manpreet joins in wishing them well.

RV and Poorvi both rise from their seats. While Poorvi playfully taunts RV and walks away, Deepika approaches Monisha and inquires why she left the area. Monisha responds by expressing her difficulty tolerating anyone with RV, especially Poorvi. However, Deepika assures her that her actions were done for Monisha’s sake. Monisha then reveals that she, too, cannot stand Poorvi’s presence. Deepika suggests they step back and strike against Poorvi when the time is correct so that she never recovers. She advises Monisha to remain quiet until then. Meanwhile, Prachi and Poorvi engage in conversation about a significant order. During their discussion, Poorvi informs Prachi about KK’s upcoming wedding tomorrow.

As Prachi tells Poorvi that Tashu’s wedding is tomorrow, Tashu advises her to refuse KK. Poorvi thinks about how to refuse KK. Tashu informs Ranbir that she has ordered catering from her friend Priyu. He says he has already given an order to Poorvi’s mother and asks that Kumkum Bhagya caterers do their wedding catering. It is noted that Priyu handles it. He asks if she is Poorvi’s mother. Tashu says Priyu handles it, so she must be her mother. Tashu thinks we will give them a deposit.

Diya calls Poorvi and asks about her honeymoon stay. Poorvi doesn’t answer her and ends the call. Harleen asks Monisha if she is planning or plotting again. Monisha replies, “Why will you do it when I want to be?” Harleen replies, “You didn’t become.” She says you yearn like fish without water and says she’ll learn from her mistakes. You are acting foolishly but not listening and hurting my son.

As RV is my heartbeat, love never ends. Harleen says come on. Monisha says to take Poorvi’s side. Harleen says I don’t care about her. What matters is my son. If you have problems, show smartness and understanding and act on them. Monisha gets upset.


RV says Dadu wants him to stay in any corner of the room. Poorvi says Dadu. Tashu arrives to meet Prachi. Prachi asks about her husband. Tashu says he is with his first wife, i.e., his wife. To get Dadi to throw Poorvi out, Monisha plans to lower her in front of her.

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