Udne Ki Aasha 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Emotional Turmoil and Unexpected Marriage

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Udne Ki Aasha 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the Episode begins, Sachin and Maharaj enjoy a glass of wine while discussing their experiences. Maharaj points out the importance of having a backup plan in life since he has everything doubled. He advises Sachin to do the same, as it can bring stability. He shares that he holds two jobs – one as a halwai (sweet maker) and the other as a security guard. He adds that having one wife is restrictive as she may stop you from drinking, but with two wives, they both want you to come home. This amuses Sachin, who suggests Maharaj should start coaching classes on controlling one’s wife. They share a laugh as Isha joins them. Meanwhile, Aaji notices Tejas looking lost and finds him with Sayali at the sangeet ceremony, where they dance together, and the song “Tum kya mile” plays in the background. Isha catches sight of Tejas with Sayali.

She gives him the bouquet and says I’m happy for you. She congratulates Sayali. She says I’m Tejas’ close friend, Isha, we did MBA together. Juhi looks on. Sayali leaves. Isha says you look so comical. She asks what Isha is up to. She says Isha is her college friend. Isha says they’re friends. She checks and says she’s not on social media. Sayali says don’t think much. Juhi goes on to question Isha. Isha receives a call and leaves.

Tejas receives a glass of juice from Renu. He taunts Sayali. Paresh and Kishor are upset. Juhi gets sweets for Sayali and feeds them to her. Paresh calls Sachin. Sachin says he is in the kitchen and has a friend there. Paresh asks Sachin to come on stage. Sachin says he doesn’t have any work there. Paresh asks Sachin to take a picture with his brother, but Sachin refuses. He tells about Maharaj’s life funda.

I don’t understand what you’re saying to me. Paresh asks what you’re saying. Sachin says you won’t understand, I’m enjoying you. Maharaj says stop. How will you leave? Sachin says dad called me, I had to leave, I love him. Paresh asks Tejas to take Sayali along, have food, and take care of her. Renu takes Tejas, Juhi takes Sayali. When Sayali shows off her mehendi hands, she asks for help. Shobha feeds her. Tejas eats. Sachin comes back. Paresh says everyone has gone to have lunch.

In Sachin’s words, we are doing things wrong; you are innocent, smart, and the best, but what about Mom? She insults you because you don’t have a double. Paresh asks what. One should have everything double, Sachin says, if you have two wives, both will respect you, you married one wrong, it’s not too late, marry another, then watch the drama. Paresh says I will give you two slaps, and then we’ll go out to eat.

Having finished, Sachin says you should leave. Akash says you won’t change. He kisses him and says I’m going home. Akash says to stay back. Sachin says no, I don’t want to see Renu and Tejas. You go to your father. The goon says Sachin stopped us from reaching Sayali. He’s drunk. Sudhakar informs the police about Sachin’s drunken driving. Sayali wears green bangles, and her hand is marked with S.

Aaji recalls dancing with Tejas and his name getting erased. Renu scolds Sayali, but Aaji stops her. Tejas comes into the room and calls Isha. Isha fools him. He claims that no one could separate us. Sayali recalls Alok and cries. Aaji consoles her. She says she worries about her future. Aaji says it’s expected to worry, and this family is yours, so you must accept it. I’m scared for my family because I feel like leaving them behind to improve my life.


Sayali cries and runs to the room. She refuses to marry. Paresh asks Sachin to marry Sayali. Sachin refuses. Sayali marries Sachin.

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