Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s Emotional Farewell

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amrish asks Amba if she is okay. She says Natasha should leave the house. The episode starts with Amba concerned about Dhawal. She says she is grateful for the person who made him think about divorce, but she is worried he might change his mind. Hetal worries. Bhaven says he’ll go and see. Amrish says Dhawal won’t change, he told me I’d return Pandya store to Natasha. Dhawal wipes Natasha’s sindoor as Natasha cries.

Amba asks how you can confidently tell this. Amrish tells her everything. Bhaven looks shocked. Amrish asks who else he will listen to. Bhaven says what you did will spoil the mall design, you ruined our hard work, we won’t be making any roadside stalls, and it will be a big loss.

Your care for our house matters isn’t essential to you; you use your mind and stay behind in business, but look at Amrish; he uses his mind, so he is progressing. Give away the Pandya store if the house is in order; this should remain between us. I trust my sons; you’ll work hard and earn money. Amrish says calm down; I plan to get both things. Amba smiles. Natasha presents the gift to Dhawal, and he cries when he sees his wedding picture.

Natasha explains that while she intended to gift you this picture, I now realize it is not an accurate representation. Despite this, Isha believes that relationships cannot be broken and expresses concern about the potential damage to her equation with Chiku, who no longer speaks to her. In frustration, Natasha throws and breaks the frame, causing Dhawal to turn away and draw attention from everyone else. While Amba suggests checking on Dhawal in case he gets hurt, Hetal disagrees, and Amrish insists on letting them fight without interference. Amba worries about Dhawal’s well-being, but Amrish assures her he will be fine. Meanwhile, Isha plans to have a discussion with Chiku about their situation.

He drags her outside. She throws away the Sindoor. She tears the picture and gives it to Dhawal. She says I’ll just take what’s mine, don’t confuse business with relations, your game can ruin someone’s life. Chiku asks why you called the lawyer. Mittu says Suman is making a will. Shesh says you’re giving Natasha the house, you’ll go to the old age home, and we’ll come on the road. Chiku stops him. She says she wants Shesh to be ashamed. She says Natasha is your sister. She says you keep her in mind.

Suman explains that she is entrusting the responsibility of this house to her three listeners. She expresses her concern that she does not want a situation similar to this house, as Chutki may visit and require accommodation. Sesh apologizes, declining the task at hand. He bids farewell and leaves. The lawyer also takes his leave. Chiku advises not to dwell on Sesh’s words, deeming him unintelligent. She reassures that she will always support Suman and there is no need for a will. However, Suman insists on making a will to safeguard the Pandya store from potential harm. She trusts that Chiku will fulfill her duty and never relinquish responsibility.

They see Dhawal and Natasha. Hetal says stop, Natasha, please. Amba asks her to pack up and leave if Natasha hurts her. Hetal cries. Judaai…plays… Dhawal ousts Natasha from the house and shuts the door.


He doesn’t hug Amrish and goes to his room. Amrish worries. Suman says their deeds will be punished. Natasha sobs.

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