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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, the group gathers to look at the pictures, reminiscing on their cherished memories. The familiar tune of “Kaise yeh samjhaye…” plays in the background. Rishita suggests storing the photos in Suman’s room to serve as a constant reminder of their happy times. The party commences and Gautam and Dhara make their grand entrance. They are amazed by the decorations and are touched to see their photos displayed throughout the room. Tears of both joy and sadness flow as they all gather together. Suman joins them, and Rishita praises the kids’ artistic talents, proposing a selfie to capture the moment. However, nobody feels up to it, overwhelmed with emotion.

Shiweta and kids come. Natasha says Chiku, we will give you a farewell party every day, and then you won’t go. The buyer Nagesh comes. Suman says you have to grow up and fight like your parents. Suman throws the stick at the man and asks who you are, then invites him to watch the last drama here. As mum is in tension, she reacted that way, so come see for yourself.

Nagesh introduces himself as the potential buyer of the house, causing Prerna to express surprise at his quick decision. Dhara reassures that the reason behind selling is not important, it must be done regardless. Suman then suggests Nagesh determine a fair price to ensure equal division amongst all involved parties. However, Nagesh insists on buying the house and asks for suggestions on who should receive the money. Gautam offers to have Suman handle it, but she expresses concerns about how money can destroy relationships. Nagesh hands over the papers, which Suman asks Gautam to review as she is unable to do so herself. After confirming everything is in order, Gautam takes charge of registering the house in Nagesh’s name while Suman takes a dig at the family’s situation. Gautam observes everyone’s reactions as they continue with their discussion.

Gautam signs the papers and requests everyone else to do the same. Dhara agrees with him and reminds everyone of their memories in the house, prompting them to sign the papers. Once they are signed, she hands them over to Nagesh. Inquiring about the water supply, Nagesh inspects the house while Suman compliments its sturdy walls. Reflecting on both good and bad times, Gautam speaks about their experiences in the house, which Suman points out will also witness their family’s separation. Nagesh expresses his gratitude towards Suman and Gautam for giving him a perfect home for his family and makes a humble request- if the registry could take place tomorrow, then please vacate the house by tomorrow itself. On listening to Raavi, Rishita, and Prerna’s concerns about needing more time, Dhara assures them that they will get one week before leaving. She urges Nagesh to get the registry done tomorrow so that he can have an empty house at his disposal as soon as possible.

Prerna asks how will it happen. Dhara says it will be done, we need to pack our bags and leave. Suman says feed him sweets, feed these birds as well, and they will escape the cage and fly in the sky. Suman says you can do anything you want. Gautam says yes. Dhara gets the sweets. Nagesh says the house is beautiful, but just needs paint. Suman says you can do whatever you want. Dhara feeds sweets to everyone. She says this was everyone’s dreamed of.

Nagesh asks about the locality. Suman says people are good, there will be peace once my family leaves from here. Nagesh says I’m happy now. He leaves. The Pandya family has parted ways. Suman says the Chiku family has parted ways today, and we should have a last dance because Chiku is leaving the house, and we should have a last dance together.


In response to Natasha’s apology, Chiku told her, “Don’t act, I have seen everyone acting here.”. He left with Shweta.

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