Pandya Store 22nd January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

In the episode, Dev and Rishita recall the past. She gets dizzy. Dev asks Shesh to get water. Shesh asks if we need to go there. Dev replies yes. Shiva asks why we took the bus. Shesh pushes Mittu. Raavi runs to Mittu. Shiva and Raavi see Shiva and Raavi. Then they smile. Shiva asks Dev did you go anywhere out, when did you come. He hugs Dev.

Kuch nahi…plays… Shiva asks how you are, I hugged you many times, but this time I feel strange, are you fine? Dev cries. He says yes, the 7 years passed like 7 births. Shiva asks Rishita how she is. She nods. Shiva sees Shesh and asks, “How are you Chutki? Why did you dress him like a boy?”. Rishita replies, “He is our son Shesh,” not Chutki. Shiva asks, “Is he your son?” Dev replies, “Yes”. Shiva runs inside.

He runs to Krish, compliments him, hugs him, and asks him how he is, did you leave his studies, are you going to college? Krish recalls the blames. Shiva runs to Krish. He compliments him, hugs him, and asks how he is. Dev asks them to come inside. She says I don’t want to see Dhara and Gautam. Krish asks if they are okay. Shiva replies I’m fine. Rishita taunts Krish.

Seeing Chiku eating leftover food, Gautam says he will make something fresh for her. Chiku says her homemade desi burger. The family members ring the bell. Gautam asks Chiku who is there.

He opens the door to see the entire family. He asks Gautam to hurry. Gautam rushes to see them. He becomes emotional seeing them. The song Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays as Chiku runs to get a popper. He welcomes them home. He says my family is complete now that you are all back.

Shesh says give it to me. Chiku says no, I kept it for you all for long. Dev asks Shesh to leave the popper. They all hold the popper together and blast it. Rishita says you’re like Dhara, Suman is ill and you’d like to welcome us.

Chiku introduces himself as Chiku Gautam Dhara Pandya. Dev and Shiva become emotional. Shiva asks, is he Chiku, when did he grow up, I don’t understand. Rishita makes Chiku go aside. Gautam says I understand you are upset, but I can’t accept it if anyone treats Chiku this way.


Dhara comes running to Suman. Suman asks why you’re upset, I’m fine, take me home. Dhara says you’ve got to die for your sons’ sake, they’ve all heard you’re dying. Suman pretends to be ill.

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