Pandya Store 5th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Bold Move to Save Pandya Family from Trouble

Pandya Store

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As the episode begins, Amba says, “I won’t let anything happen to my children, don’t be scared, I will go and tackle them.” Natasha replies that one wrong move can get them into trouble, but Amba says I have raised them, don’t teach me. Natasha says they are in trouble. Pranali asks why they did not inform the police. Amba says the police coming will cause more trouble. Natasha says we have to save them. She thinks of a plan. In her mind, she says that we have to do something in the style of the Pandya family.

Amba inquires about the situation, to which Natasha responds by suggesting they serve tea. However, Amba expresses concern for her children’s safety and questions the idea of serving tea at this time. Natasha reassures Amba, asking Hetal to make tea while she handles the situation. She then instructs Pranali and Dolly to retrieve data on the workers and contact their wives. This angers Amba, leading her to scold Natasha. In distress, Natasha calls out for Amrish’s help. Hearing Amba’s cries, Amrish and others rush over. Hetal worries that they will overhear the commotion. Sensing trouble, Amrish decides they cannot involve Amba in any complications. Meanwhile, Amba stands by helplessly, tearfully watching everything unfold.

She wonders how to save them. Hetal and Natasha offer her comfort. The workers search for Amba, whom Natasha urges to remain quiet. As one of the workers sets fire to some papers, he warns Amba that the entire site will go up in flames if she does not cooperate. Meanwhile, Bhaven engages in a heated argument with Amrish. Curious about Natasha’s plan, Amba questions her. With a smile, Chiku returns home and admires everyone’s pictures. Suman hands him some money and jokingly asks what he would do if he took it and ran away. She then expresses her trust in him, thanks to his help at the temple earlier, saying that she trusts him as much as she trusts Gautam, her eldest son. Even if Chiku were to run away with the money, she would still have no regrets. Suman then shows him a family photo and asks him to repair a broken glass before giving him another task.

Suman denies any other tasks, urging Natasha to leave before she becomes anxious. Chiku sobs and embraces the photo, prompting Natasha to request his departure. As he exits, she expresses her longing for him. Natasha begins brewing tea while making arrangements and asks Pranali for stomach medicine. Upon confirmation, she instructs Pranali to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Amba frets over a dilemma as Hetal announces the tea is ready. Pranali brings the medicine, and Natasha expresses her gratitude before questioning its impact when added to the tea. Pranali assures her that it will only cause minor discomfort, but Natasha decides they have no choice and mixes it. She then asks Hetal to strain the tea into cups.

Amba inquires, “What is it that you desire?” Natasha expresses concern, “It’s unsafe for us to remain here. We should stay put and wait for others to join us.” Hetal advises against aggravating the situation, stating, “We mustn’t worsen matters.” Natasha appeals, “Who will aid us? Please join us.” They encounter the workers, and Natasha says, “You have detained our husbands. We have prepared tea for you. Let us assist you in resolving this matter by bringing them here.” The worker dismisses them, and they proceed to the office. Amrish is taken aback upon seeing them and reprimands Hetal. He orders her to leave. Natasha interjects calmly, “Please calm down and consider our intentions. We have brought hot tea for the workers.” Dhawal queries, “What’s going on?” Natasha clarifies, “You all have been standing since morning.”

Hetal instructs Pranali and Dolly to serve tea to the workers, who proceed to drink it. Amrish scolds Hetal for serving the workers, stating that they have kept them captive and she should not interfere. He then tells her to take the other bahus outside with her. Dhawal assures Natasha that they will handle the situation. Chirag and Pranali also ask their wives to leave. The worker remarks that they should keep these women captive as well. Amrish responds by saying they can let them go. Natasha adds that if they continue to keep them captive, they cannot help them, as they came here intending to help.

She says sorry Amrish, I know you can handle your business well, we can win anyone’s heart by doing good. She asks the worker to drink tea. The worker says no. Natasha says we’ve prepared ginger tea for you, and you’ve got to drink it. Amrish asks if this is a way to deal with workers; Dhawal asks Natasha to leave. The workers get an upset stomach. They leave the office. Everyone smiles.

Natasha says look behind. The worker asks what happened and where are you running. They all run outside. Natasha smiles. Amrish and everyone look on. Amrish says to take our phones away. Natasha says we have to prove that we won’t run away when we have a chance; otherwise, we will be wrong. Amrish says we shouldn’t bring up Pandya logic here, I know how to deal with this, I can teach them a lesson. Natasha says you can handle it, but you can’t leave now.

She invites Hetal to join her, while Hetal confirms Amrish’s statement. Natasha assures them that she will prevent any wrongdoing from occurring. The workers’ wives arrive at the scene, causing Natasha to reassure them that their husbands are safe. However, the women become enraged and begin gathering stones. Natasha quickly intervenes and explains that she had added stomach medicine to their husbands’ tea, which is causing their current condition. As one of the women attempts to hit her, Pranali becomes worried for her safety and urges Natasha to back away. However, Natasha remains firm and tells the woman to strike her instead, reminding her of the injured laborer and their demands for compensation and Amrish’s resignation. She emphasizes that Amrish is innocent and reiterates that Dhawal and Amrish are unharmed by the incident.


Dhawal runs to explain the Pandya store model to Natasha. She scolds and challenges him.

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