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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 6th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhara shares her plan, however, Suman wonders why she didn’t inform them, as Shiva and Raavi had already urged Krish to get married quickly. Rishita added that she tried to call but faced network difficulties. Though it was not her fault, Suman blames Dhara for not informing them. She then tells the family how Shweta has again bettered the Pandya Family and laments that they could not get Krish his desired love. Dhara apologizes for her mistake and sobs in regret that she has not thought about this happening.

Dhara admits that she knew Shweta was up to something and had been plotting against Prerna. Suman wonders why Dhara didn’t tell her, to which Dhara apologises, saying she made a mistake and hadn’t foreseen the consequences of her actions. Dhara then adds that they took Krish and Prerna to Pandit, although Suman had an unexpected surprise in store: Anurag’s father kidnapped her. Knowing what a disastrous effect this has had on Krish’s life, Shiva tries to understand what he is going through. However, despite all this, Krish refuses to accept the marriage ceremony even though Shweta stands before everybody. Gautam seeks help from a doctor for Prerna who successfully revives her; afterwards she looks at Krish with intense emotion.

She says this marriage is a sham, there’s nothing between Shivank and I, forget it. Shweta protests about Krish leaving with her, but Shiva and Dhara intervene. Shivank suggests that Prerna confides in Krish the truth. As the two embrace and cry, he insists they move away from there. Ruchi proposes that they go back to Canada. Yet again, Shweta enters into a heated argument with the family. Meanwhile, Shivank sends Shweta a message revealing Prerna’s pregnancy which she had kept hidden from Krish. He gestures for her to check his phone and upon reading it, she is taken aback. Realizing they need time alone, Mahesh urges her to calm down before leaving. Before departing, Shivank lets out a pebble in order for Shweta to look at his message again; upon doing so she is left in shock once more! Prerna snuggles closer to Krish and expresses that something terrible is happening to them both; he replies that they have every right to be together and she proceeds to tell him an important thing…

Shweta is determined that Prerna won’t ruin her plans. When Suman hears of Prerna’s pregnancy, he and the others are taken aback. Prerna started to explain to Kris but then Shivank arrives and questions Kris’s actions; despite loving Prerna, how could he be the father of Shweta’s baby? Both become surprised. Shivank suggests Krish go to Shweta who is weeping profusely; so, he hastily abandons Prerna’s hand and runs off to console her. In the meantime, Ruchi slaps Shweta. Later on, when Prerna arrives at the scene, Shweta states that though she may have done wrong, it was only in a bid to keep Krish in her life. She adds that despite this fact, if Prerna wishes to remain part of his life too, she can do so provided she takes second place in his affections with first place reserved for her alone.


Dhara and her family unite to fight Shweta. Krish says Shweta won’t go in that house, and I’ll go with Prerna if she leaves.

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