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Faltu Episode Update

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Faltu and Neil are departing, however, Ayaan admits his wrongdoing and is ready to accept the consequences. As Neil starts playing a song, Faltu’s heart filled with bittersweet memories of Ayaan and she paused the music. She then made up her mind that she would not go to the party and instead wanted to stay back. Neil got worried that if anything happened to her, Dada ji wouldn’t let him off easily. He tried convincing her by saying that she being young and beautiful won’t be able to manage on her own. Ignoring his plea, Faltu stood firm in her decision and asked him to open the door of the car but he locked it instead which further infuriated her as she grabbed the steering wheel. He questioned if she had gone mad.

She asks Kinshuk, who is disguised as a traffic constable, what are you doing here. Sid, Kinshuk and Ayaan try to convince her. Ayaan apologizes and gives her flowers. Faltu throws them at her. Neil watches them. Faltu asks Neil to sit in the car, he smiles, and they leave. Jhak maarke…plays… Neil watches them.

Seeing Kinshuk, the traffic constable beats Sid and him. He instructs him to leave. When Neil and Faltu return home, Dada ji asks them why they’re crying. Neil says Ayaan stopped us and gave a dance performance, so we didn’t need to attend the party. She says Ayaan broke her heart, so she won’t go back to him. She leaves.

Neil says she won’t be happy there, don’t send her back, I joke to make her smile, I know her pain. If Ayaan had been bad, I would have stopped Faltu, but I see the truth in his eyes, he regrets it, everyone should give one another a shot. Neil disagrees. He goes.

Sid and Kinshuk are experiencing pain, and in response, Ayaan brings them ice packs. He apologizes and lightens the mood with some jokes. Tanu watches the interaction. Ayaan mentions that she wasn’t entirely convinced, to which Sid responds that she won’t agree so easily. Ayaan insists that she has to agree. Sid then reveals that their mothers are currently searching for a girl for Ayaan to marry. Kinshuk teases Ayaan, suggesting that he thought he could get back together with someone named Faltu. Ayaan dismisses the idea, stating that no one can take Faltu’s place in his life, and he leaves the scene.

Faltu cries, unable to forgive Ayaan. Her alter-ego tells her to rethink her reluctance. Suddenly, she hears a sound and wonders who needs help; thus, she knocks on Neil’s door and checks if he is alright. Upon offering him water, she questions his attitude towards his grandfather. He challenges her with a rhetorical question but this doesn’t deter Faltu as she continues with her discourse while he chastises her for it. They engage in a heated argument.

When he tells about his lover, he cries. Dada ji and Kaka arrive. He asks why you got this home girl, I hate girls, and she wants to interfere with others’ affairs. Her response is that she understands your condition because not all girls are the same. Neil asks her to get lost. Dada ji tells Faltu to go to sleep. Ayaan is standing outside. It is pouring heavily, so she asks him to go home.

As it rains, Tanu tells Savita that Ayaan isn’t home. Savita asks where he went. Tanu replies that he would have gone to Faltu, I’m concerned, don’t wake everyone, Ayaan won’t answer. Sid isn’t answering Savita’s questions. Tanu says he’s sleeping. They talk about Faltu. Savita says I need to speak to Ayaan. Faltu gives Ayaan a towel and an umbrella, saying it won’t be forgiven this way, so go home and rest. If you get sick, your mother will blame me.

As thunder rumbles, Faltu gets scared and seeks comfort in a hug from him. He smiles reassuringly. Savita inquires if Ayaan went to meet Faltu and if he found him. Sid responds, “Don’t worry, Faltu won’t leave him alone.” Ayaan questions whether Sid is more concerned about Savita’s words or about him. Once again, thunder strikes, causing Faltu to become frightened, and he clings to Ayaan for support.


We should take Ayaan home, Tanu says. Faltu worries. Savita scolds Faltu.

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