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The scene begins with Faltu revealing, “Neil is assisting me in assessing Ayaan.” Dada ji questions, “If Ayaan doesn’t intervene, are you considering marrying Neil?” Faltu responds, “Neil, you deceived me. My intention was to aid Faltu, yet you’re preparing as though it’s an actual wedding. Anticipating your disapproval, I advised her not to inform you, resulting in your distress.” Neil expresses regret, saying, “I apologize.”

Dada ji asserts, “If you’re not fond of this idea, we won’t proceed.” Faltu agrees, affirming, “Dada ji is correct, let’s call it off.” Dada ji responds, “I’ve already invited everyone; my reputation will be tarnished.” Neil counters, “No, quite the opposite, I’ll be seen as a hero in their eyes; they’ll view me more seriously.” Neil continues, “We can’t abandon this plan. If Ayaan comes back, shouldn’t Faltu be able to move forward with her life?”

Ayaan talks to the lady on call. He says Faltu didn’t come, I’ll talk to her. She says we’re not fools, your wife won’t come. He apologizes, I’ll find out why, she’ll come. Savita asks what happened. Ayaan says Faltu has to reach the academy today, why would she want to ruin her career? Savita says you don’t worry, she’s not interested in cricket but in marriage.

Ayaan remarks, “She was given a second chance after facing hardships, and now she’s forgotten the trial date due to the engagement. It’s hard to believe.” He sits there, visibly concerned. Kinshuk suggests, “I think you should have a conversation with Faltu.” Savita intervenes, “Ayaan won’t reach out to her; Neil is anxious about her.” Ayaan urges, “I’ve told her to call Faltu and explain, but she doesn’t heed my advice.” He expresses his bewilderment, “I have no clue what’s happened to her; she forgot about the trials.” Tanu reassures Savita, saying, “Don’t worry.”

In order to ensure Faltu’s happiness, Dada ji says that if you both believe that Ayaan will return, I won’t tell them anything. Faltu hugs him and thanks him. She says Ayaan has changed, but he doubted me again. I’m with you, I’m going now, I need to make arrangements to make the fake marriage appear legitimate.

She stated, “I’m doing this for Ayaan, but if he doesn’t appear, it won’t benefit me.” Neil responds, “It’ll be advantageous for me; I’ll make you flee from the wedding stage, garner sympathy, and decline to marry anyone.” She departs. Ayaan contemplates, “I don’t want him to come; let’s see how things unfold.”

Savita and Dadi decline the invitation to Faltu’s engagement. Janardhan explains that Brijmohan has extended the invitation. Ayaan playfully asks, “What’s gotten into my adorable Dadi? Have you forgotten Faltu?” Savita asserts, “Faltu is just after wealth.” Tanu smirks. Later, she encounters some thugs and makes a payment. She hands over a photograph of Ayaan, declaring, “I won’t allow Ayaan to reach the wedding.” The engagement event is scheduled for two days later.

He speaks with the guests. Janardhan and family arrive. Neil shows Faltu the ring. He gets the ring bill of 5 lakhs and says Neil got the ring for a fake engagement. He knows this marriage means a lot to him. Dada ji comes and shows the ring bill to Faltu. Faltu checks and says ring costs 5 lakhs, I told you to get a fake one, so I got you a fake ring.

She says no need, Neil keep this ring and buy a cheap one. Dada ji says forget about this and come, Ayaan is waiting for you. They leave. They go. Faltu says Ayaan is waiting for me. Faltu and Neil come holding hands. Ayaan gets jealous. Tanu says I understand, let’s go.

In anger, Ayaan drinks. Neil and Faltu take the rings. The ring falls near Ayaan. He picks it up and gives it to Faltu. Neil makes Faltu wear the ring. Everyone claps. Ayaan hugs Neil.

Ayaan claps. He says take one advice; after marriage one gets hurt on one’s ego. Faltu thinks Ayaan, stop me and tell me you can’t live without me. Dada ji thanks everyone for coming. He says all of you are invited to Neil and Faltu’s marriage.


Ayaan gets angry and stops Neil. He punches Neil in the face. Faltu slaps him.

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