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Neil examines the inventory of shoes for Faltu. He holds up a pair and remarks, “This is essentially our wedding invitation.” Confused, she asks, “What? When did this happen?” He explains, “I don’t want to upset Dada ji. He’s keen on seeing me married, so I’m going along with it.” Dada ji questions Faltu about whether her family is aware of this impending marriage. Neil interjects, confirming that her father is content with the arrangement. Dada ji expresses his puzzlement, questioning why false hopes are being given to him.

Just agree to me, I’ll tell you later. Dada ji asks Faltu why you want to marry him, Ayaan is attempting to get you back. Neil says enough, we’ll deliver the stock, you check it, we’ll be there shortly. Dada ji leaves. Faltu asks, “What nonsense is that?” Neil admits to having conservative views, expressing that he won’t be endorsing our plan. He urges her to decide if she wishes to put Ayaan to the test, assuring her that his intentions are for her benefit. With that, he departs, leaving her to offer a prayer.

Savita requests Ayaan to listen and consider the situation: Faltu has moved forward and undergone a transformation. Tanu says Faltu and Neil are getting engaged, as well as the wedding date. It’s okay, she just received sorrow and pain from me, she has a right to move on, I’m happy for her, and I hope Neil will provide her with the same happiness and respect that I did not. He leaves for work.

Tanu offers comfort to Savita, sharing her perspective that once Neil and Faltu are married, Ayaan will also find a way to move forward. She suggests attending their wedding. Meanwhile, Faltu and Neil find themselves immersed in their work. Neil expresses his struggle with the workload, mentioning that he can’t manage excessive tasks. Just then, Ayaan arrives, remarking that Faltu will guide Neil through everything. He warmly greets them, admiring their fortunate bond. Faltu playfully teases him, and he departs.

Confronting Ayaan might be challenging, yet it could potentially strengthen our bond. We could use this situation to incite some jealousy every day; after all, he’s unaware of this marriage charade. Did I say something amiss? Neil inquires about her well-being. “We should consider getting engagement rings,” he suggests. She questions the need to spend money on a façade, proposing that imitation rings would suffice. With that, she takes her leave.

Neil states, “For you, it might be a mere drama, but for me, it’s a reality.” Ayaan is overcome with emotion, his thoughts consumed by Faltu. Tanu reveals, “I tried calling Ayaan, but he hung up. What is Faltu’s aspiration?” Savita responds, “Her dream is to marry a wealthy man. How can I shield Ayaan from her?” Tanu offers, “I’ll head to work and find out.” Savita expresses remorse and implores her to rescue Ayaan.

Tanu reassures, “Don’t worry,” and proceeds to her workplace. There, she overhears Faltu and Neil discussing their fabricated scheme. Neil jests, proposing that they go grab a meal. Tanu deduces, “This implies that it’s Faltu’s strategy to win Ayaan back.”

Ayaan argues with her, saying stop venting anger at me, you knew Neil and Faltu would be here. She tells him not to come to work. Neil and Faltu arrive. Neil asks if I should stop coming to work. Neil asks Ayaan if she knows the city well, so she can pick out an engagement ring. Neil says fine, come to the engagement.

Ayaan asks Faltu what gift you want. Tanu says it does not mean anything. Ayaan says I can give her whatever she wants. Faltu says you have already given me a new life, just come to my engagement. She leaves. Dada ji says I will take it as fate when the children decide. Faltu says lying to him is wrong.

Neil won’t back us up if we reveal the truth. She acknowledges, “I need to disclose the truth to him.” Tanu approaches Ayaan and discloses, “Sid is facing difficulties, and I believe you can manage it. I haven’t informed Janardhan due to his fragile health. Can you go assist Sid?” In Tanu’s recollection, she recalls having asked Sid to persuade Ayaan not to participate in the wedding.

In order to see how happy Faltu looks, Tanu says I will send Harsh there. She thinks sorry, I will not fulfill your wish. Dada ji asks if you got the ring. Neil says we will get the ring. Faltu says there is no ring, it’s all a drama. Dada ji is stunned.


Tanu smiles as Faltu’s ring falls. Ayaan picks it up and asks Neil to make Faltu wear it. Neil makes Faltu wear it.

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