Faltu 26th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

When Kanika asks why she contacted Faltu, Ayaan says I had promised her dad that I could not leave her alone in the big city. Sumitra asks him how he knows about Ayaan. I sent someone after her to make sure she settles in safely, and I didn’t speak to Faltu. Kanika says trust me, my foot, you are so worried about that girl. Ayaan says trying to understand. Faltu remembers Ayaan. She sobs.

He gets a message. He says they have turned my love story into a tale about brothers’ enmity. Dutta says Pandit is ready. Pappi says to break the door. Ayaan says if anything happens to Faltu, then I will fall in my own sight. Pappi and his goons have kidnapped her, Pappi is going to forcefully marry her, and her life will be ruined, I have to help her, I have to save her. Kanika asks who will save this marriage.

Ayaan says I will come back and marry you, Tanisha please say yes. Kanika says no. Ayaan says I can’t meet my own eyes, please, I’m sure you won’t like to marry such a man.

Everyone discusses. Janardhan asks Harsh to call the police. Ayaan says we can’t wait. Harsh says I couldn’t reach the commissioner, it will take time to take action immediately. Ayaan asks Tanisha for permission.

It’s important for me as well, I know you won’t break your promise, go and save Faltu. Kanika shouts at her. Tanisha says I know what I’m doing, come safe back to my house. He thanks her and promises to do so.

Charan says he will find Faltu. Angoori says Charan will settle there. Ratan says I can’t help Charan. Lajwanti gets a call. Charan answers. He says it’s Pappi’s call. Jamuna asks him to answer.

Charan scolds Pappi. Pappi asks him to see Faltu’s wedding. He says she is with me, getting ready. Charan asks what nonsense? Pappi says I called you to give her blessings on a video call, we will keep reception in the village. Charan says leave her, let her fulfil her dreams.

Ratan and Angoori ask Pappi to get married soon. Pappi says just prepare to welcome them. Charan sits crying. Ayaan calls his aide and asks what’s going on. The man updates him. Ayaan asks him to call the police. The man asks him to come back as soon as possible.

Pappi asks what, Ayaan is coming to find Faltu, but he can’t find us. Sid asks him to marry her soon. Pappi says no, he won’t be able to save her. It’s due to me that you are doing this, and you have to pay the price for it, you have to keep Ayaan engaged for 4-5 hours, and he shouldn’t marry Tanisha. Sid turns and sees…

Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Faltu gets ready in a bridal dress and comes. Pappi smiles. Sid says I did this for Tanisha. Sumitra says yes, if anyone else heard your talks… Sid says sorry. She says why do you seem so relaxed.

I told you I wouldn’t lose, so go downstairs and talk to Kanika so that she can give me her hand. I understand if Ayaan doesn’t come, but why will Kanika marry you to Tanisha? He reminds her of what Janardhan said. The same thing will happen today, Ayaan won’t be able to reach the mandap.

I’m proud of you. Pappi says Faltu agreed to marry me. Faltu recalls praying and helplessly getting ready. Pappi says your eyes opened, come, we’ll go to the marriage mandap.

She thinks Ayaan will be safe and that he will fight the goons. He says Ayaan has gone mad in your love, and his marriage with Tanisha will be dissolved. She smiles and acts shy and calls him Pappi ji.

Pappi says you made me emotional. She says I’ll call you Pappi Kaka if you want. He says it’s okay, we’re modern, so we’ll call each other by name. She says I have to talk imp things before marriage. Dutta asks her how she talks so sweetly, be careful. Pappi says you might be fooling me, he says right.


Pappi is fooled by Faltu. She says we must solve this together. Pappi is tied up and taken by gunpoint.

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